Thursday, December 03, 2009

My FUN week SO FAR!!

This has been a week of people poking me, injecting me, x-raying me and well just all around ..."something is wrong with Sandy" Week!!

The week started out on Monday like this: I was fine. The day was going well. Washing was getting done and I was soon off to work. Went outside to get the mail. Stopped and sat on the sidewalk with Sammy. He always sits either right beside me or on my lap. This time I put the mail down and he sat on top of it. I sat there petting him and he had his motor going really well. I got up and reached down to get the mail (that he was sitting on) and he bit me!! I was in his space plus he has been running free for 5 years and is on the defense at all times. I was so shocked that he done that.

I went in the house and ran up the stairs. Went straight to the Peroxide bottle and dumped it on my right hand. He bit me on the top of my right hand. It is just like a big puncture wound. I kept getting dizzy...funny because I never faint!! Had to get my head down between my legs fast. Finally once I got it cleaned up (there was NO BLOOD)!! I put neosporin on the puncture wound and put a band aide on it.

Went on to work. The more I was at work the worse my hand got. The pain was really bad!! I closed up shop about 6:45 and ran over to the Urgent 1 place. They said that they could not treat me but had to send me to the ER. Off I go to ST. Joes ER. I sat there for over 3 hours. Becky stopped by on her way home from work and stayed with me. I got a tetanus injection, anti-biotics and pain medication. I really needed that pain medication. The doctor put my whole right arm down to my elbow in a soft splint. I looked like I was waving to everyone all of the time!! I was to keep that on for 3 days.

Yesterday afternoon Becky stopped by and took the splint off. It is so good that she did because my fingers and knuckles were swollen and it did not look like my hand!! Now I have it all opened up but I am still swollen. Beck said to use my fingers as much as I can stand too. I have only 2 of them now that really are painful!!

Today I went in for my CT scan, drinking that contrast stuff plus had an IV too. So more poking and stabbing me!! I think that I have had enough of needles and such for this whole month...but next Thursday I am back at it again with a colonoscopy!! I should be okay once the doctors figure out how I am working on the inside!! I want this all over with!! This does not make LIFE fun at all...but you might like to know...I am still laughing!! Crying came once when I thought that the county was going to come and take Sammy away. You see he has not had his shots. He has been gone for all these years and honestly we had not got him shots because of lack of funds!! Now according to law, he has got stay at our vet's office for 10 days to establish that he does not have Rabies. After the 10 days he will get all of his shots and we bring him home. What a mess. I know there is no good time for things like this to happen...but at Christmas when we are already down in the finance dept. Well, not to worry...God is good and HE has this one all figured out too.

Off to work now!! Just wanted to get in a little bit of what has been my life this week. So thankful that I can once again type. That was about killing me. I tried with my left hand and well it just took way too long for me.

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I love your comments. Need to get over and visit ya'll and soon...




Mary said...


I'm glad the splint is off and that your hand is getting better by the day. Cat bites can be very painful.

It never rains but what it pours. Our roof was leaking and I tried to contact the roofing company to see if it was under warranty. It took them 3 days to get in contact with me and by that time a 4x4 area of the ceiling had caved in. We also had to do repairs on the van that were very costly but absolutely necessary for safety's sake. Not a fun time of year for this to happen.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and a relaxing evening.


Anonymous said...

Hello and glad the splint is off,just hope the hand is a lot better and the swelling is about gone. Hope theCT Scan went ok today, you did not say for sure. Just hate it you are having so many problems here at Christmas time, not a good time, but no time is really a good time. we are fine, so don't worry about us. Love you and pray for youMother & dad

PEA said...

Well my goodness, Sandy, what a thing to happen! That is so strange that your hand really swole up like that from Sammy's bite and that it was so painful. I'm wondering if his bite didn't dig into a nerve or vein? The stray mama cat I've been feeding for almost 2 years once bit me good when I was petting one of her kittens last year but except for being a bit sore, I didn't react too much. Yesterday I came to pick her up to see if she'd let me but she hissed at me...she'll let me pet her all I want but no picking her up! lol I'm glad your hand is starting to feel better, though. As you say, you've been poked and prodded enough lately!!! I can imagine, though, how sad you are that Sammy is now at the vet's for the next few days. I'm wondering how he's handling that! xoxo

Melli said...

Ohhhhh Poor you! You really have had a time of it! Cat bites are always so bad! They are about the most germ ridden things on the planet! I'm so sorry he bit you. I hope you heal up quickly now - and I DO hope all this testing finds out what IS wrong with you!

I love your winter blog design - very cute!

Needled Mom said...

It doesn't sound like it has been a good week at your place. I hope you are well on the road to recovery now.

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Well, 2010 can't come fast enough for you! Not only your horrible kitty cat bite but falling down 14 steps! Yikes Sandy!! I hope your knee is better today. Please take care of you I know you are and I know what this is like!!
I fell in 2003 and shattered my knee and hurt my back and it is NO fun. I can do a lot better now and get around the house!!
I will be praying you heal up fast love and HUGS Carolyn

Nishant said...

I'm glad the splint is off and that your hand is getting better by the day. Cat bites can be very painful.

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