Saturday, November 28, 2009


Sammy as a kitten

You have heard of the "Horse Whisperer". Now you have heard of the CAT whisperer!! We have been working for weeks now once we found Sammy, our cat that we lost over 5 years ago. Today we finally have worked until we have Sammy here at our house!!

When we first moved to Savannah we did not have a pet. The year before we had to put our long time friend and pet down. He was about 16 years old and was just really sick. We had Tigger since our youngest daughter was about 8....this was a very hard decision to have to make. Tigger was a good cat!! He had a wonderful life. Sometimes I think that he almost had about 10 lives instead of the usual 9!! He had been through a lot but at the end he was so sick. We all knew him well. He seemed to know English even. At the end when I would ask him how he was he would just look at me like he was begging me to do something. I stopped by the vet's that day and paid for it. I cried through the whole thing. Mike went home and picked him up and just set the cage inside the vet's door and left. We were all in tears and so hated what we had to do.

When we moved here to Savannah we thought the timing was good because moving him would be a hard thing. He loved the outside so much!! Once we got here Mike said, "NO MORE CATS". One day I was getting my hair done. Becky and the kids stopped by saying that they had heard of some kittens that were at our vet. She wanted to go see them so I just could not resist.

We went and saw these cute little gray kitties. They were free of course!! I ended up bringing this cute little gray kitty with 4 white paws home that day. On the way home, everyone tried to name him. Finally we came up with Sammy!!

That was his homecoming day!! He was the gentlest of cats. Garrett and Madison were both little and he just let them hold him and he was fine with it all!!

Garrett and Sammy 2002
We loved that cat and he loved us.
Then we were robbed and he was let out!! We were heart sick. It was just before Halloween of that year. I put fliers with his picture on it in every ones candy that I gave out that year. I contacted some TV stations because I was so mad about getting robbed plus they let our family cat out!! WTOC called on Halloween and asked if they could come and do a story!! SURE!!
That night as all the kids were coming in to get their candy here was the big TV truck parked out front. We had a good interview and they even put up his picture...nothing helped. It seemed like he was gone. We were so sad.

So now FIVE years later I am driving and he walks right in front of me!! FIVE YEARS LATER!! I was so excited. We started feeding him at the home he seemed to have chosen and finally he decided that this is the home where he belongs. We both are so happy!! Funny to see Mike so happy to have him back home.

I forgot that right after I brought him home when he was a baby, Mike ignored him for about 2 days. Remember he had said NO MORE CATS!! He did not want to get connected to another animal only to have it die!! Well after about 2 days he gave in and Sammy had won him over!! Sammy is doing it again too!!

He is about 7 now!! He has grown into a sweet BIG muscular cat!! Today I was outside sitting on the sidewalk and petting him. I looked over at Mike and said, "Now if I could just get him to sit on my lap." It wasn't a second and here he came and plopped himself right on my lap. We sat there for some 15-20 minutes just loving the whole experience.

SO NOW I am the "Cat Whisperer"!! Smile!!!


Thought for the day: "Thank you Lord for watching over your little ones. Thanks for letting him come back to us." Amen


Sandy B said...

I'll add my AMEN to that prayer. He looks like a mighty sweet boy...

Denise said...

Such a sweet story.. These pets do grab our hearts.......... He looks like a sweet little cat.. Hope you have many years with him...

Jeanine said...

Whew! This one brought tears to my eyes. You know how much I love cats. I'm so glad Sammy is back with you. Are you going to eventually bring him back in the house?

I think you need to contact that tv station and tell them the rest of your story. I'm sure they'd still have your first interview on file. That would make a nice heartwarming story.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Ye i agree call that station and tell them the end of the story, good story and needs to be told. So happy for you and hope he and Annie will get along ok. Never thought I would ever say I love cats, but you know our visit this last summer with you, you have a cat that just stole my heart,Love that Annie, she is a very seet cat and i do miss her so much. Enjoy your cats and hope Sammy will feel at home with you from now on. LOve you Mother & Dad

Saija said...

i love that story ... animals are such good friends ... tho' i did tell leo that indie is our last cat ... we'll see if i keep to it?

it's been nice having little visits with you in real time ... isn't the internet amazing ...

will be praying for you tomorrow! (hgs)

Puss-in-Boots said...

That's a lovely story, Sandy and I'm so happy you have Sammy back in your lives again. He is certainly a very handsome boy.

It's amazing how things work's preordained.

PEA said...

Your mom and dad are right, you should contact the station again and let them know about the happy ending:-) People love to hear stories like that instead of the usual wars, robberies, etc!! I can well imagine how thrilled you were when Sammy came to sit on your lap. You showed him patience and he's repaying you for he knows where home is once again:-) xoxo

Anonymous said...

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Nishant said...

.. He looks like a sweet little cat.. Hope you have many years with him...

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