Sunday, December 13, 2009

Death Wish (NOT)!!

I have been wanting to write about what has happened to me...AGAIN!! I have been waiting for my left wrist to get better so that typing would be easier. It is better so thought that I would record my adventures since this past Thursday night.

Thursday night, December 10th, I was very happy. That is the night of my favorite TV shows...Bones and Fringe. I had just watched them. It was about 10:30 PM. Mike was turning off the lights so I went back to our computer room to check my email and shut my computer down for the night. I came back down the hall. I thought was turning into our bedroom when it was our stairwell!! I remember putting my right hand on the door frame so I must have led off with my left foot!! I started falling!! I just decided to relax and let myself go rather than trying to catch myself. I must have missed the first4-5 steps (we have 14) and then rolled head over heels. I hit the wall at the bottom of the steps and then flew out the partially opened door that leads to the garage. I remember hitting but never blacked out. Everyone wonders how I did not black out. I laid there and cried. My neck was hurting so I thought maybe I have broken it!!!

Mike came running down and somehow got me up the steps and into our bed. He started putting ice on everything that I said was hurting. I hit my left side pretty bad. My left knee is swollen about 3 times the size of my right knee. My wrist started swelling and of course my neck. The longer I laid there the colder I got with all the ice. My teeth started chattering. Mike covered me up with a blanket and then keep putting hot rags on my forehead. He called our daughter. (She is an RN) She was just getting off work so she flew over. She checked me out and thought if I took pain medication that I would be okay until morning.

Next morning I was awful...sore and felt like someone had just beat me up!! Mike was so sweet. He got me dressed and did whatever he could for me. Both Roger and Becky came over to check me out and thought I was okay. I made it through all Friday and Friday night. Next morning I was still in a bad way. The kids came over to check me out again. They did not like the looks of my knee so thought I had better get to the ER.

Mike came home. He had to go pick up our cat Sammy...get him out of jail. Remember he has been serving time at the vet's office because of biting me. Mike ran and picked him up and then got me dressed and ready.

Off to the ER we went. We got right in because of my circumstance. They put me in a collar cuff on my neck. I was x-rayed, catscanned, and just had pictures all over my body. They wanted to make sure that I did not break anything..ribs, toes, wrist, hips and this crazy knee. They could not find ONE broken bone!! Praise God!! I figured that my guardian angel has really been working overtime these past two weeks.

I have learned the TRUE meaning of TRUE LOVE in these past 2 weeks. My husband has been just wonderful. I have tried to take showers and I almost faint. He is there getting me out, drying me off and even dressing me!! He is right there for everything that I need. I am usually crying but he is there taking care of me. I found out what I always knew but have found out in a new way!! He is just special and entirely in love with me!! I am so special and I feel it from my husband more than ever.

YOu know when we get married we vow"to love each other for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health until death do us part!" Mike has been the ideal picture of that marriage vow to me!! He is just a very special person. I am so fortunate to have married such a wonderful kind man.

Now am I not only depending on God and on Mike but also my wonderful pain medication, ibuprofen and wrapping my knee. I will be okay...IN TIME!!

In the past 2 weeks I have had more x-rays than I could count; 2 catscans; IV; B-12 injection, Tetanus injection and well I know that I am missing something!! OH..yes two splints one was on my right hand for the cat bite and then on my left hand now for my fall!!

I want to be healthy again!! I want to get to feeling good. I have also formed a fear of our steps. I had Mike put up our half door that we had there while my dad was here but now I really need it back up. I have a hard time going down the steps now. I know that I will get over it but for now I have been sitting on my bottom and sliding down the steps. I am just not very sure of our steps any longer.


Mike will find out tomorrow, we think, about a new position at Lowes that he has applied for. I will let you know what happens.

This Christmas season has been very very lean. Each year seems to get worse for this season. Most of our family understands. Our home is still on the market and we are still trying to be understanding of our times right now.

I have learned that I must be needed a little longer here on this planet. I know for sure that God is good!! I am so praying this week will be a better week..for a change!! Smile



Melli said...

YOU must be aggravating Satan something fierce! Imagine he put you through all that and you still PRAISE GOD!!! I LOVE it! I am praying you have a better week this time too! Honestly - I'm so glad you didn't BRAKE anything -- but I'm quite certain after a spill like that you are going to be very sore for some time yet! I'll pray for healing too! :)

Needled Mom said...

Good heavens!!!! That sounds like it was a terrible fall. Thank heavens that you did not break anything, but I think all the twisting and turning you did to your poor body will take awhile to sort out. Take care of yourself!!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh my goodness, Sandy. You were so lucky not to have really serious injuries from that nasty tumble. You're right...your guardian angel is certainly watching over you.

I'm so sorry Sammy had bitten you. Is he still a bit insecure and frightened? Anyway, I hope it turns out all right and that you are back to your usual chirpy self soon.

Jane said... DID have God watching out for you. Bless your heart! Just reading about it makes me cringe.
I am so for the pain you are experiencing but SO thankful there are no broken bones. Get well FAST! said...

So glad you don't have any broken bones!! What a horrible fall!
What a wonderful husband Mike is taking care of you!! You are Blessed to have someone this wonderful!!
So sorry about the cat and the fall! Love and hugs, Carolyn

Anonymous said...

No one is anymore happier than your Dad and Mother for all the good news of the xrays etc. Such a fall could have done you in and hey there, it is not right for you to go before we do. Just watch those steps and thanks to Mike for putting that door back up again. Everyone here is so worried about you and are concerned, so we have a big prayer list going here for you all over Illinois. I can not stress too much be very very careful you do not fall again. Just wish we were close enough to help out, but have our own problems as you know. we do love you and pray for you every day. Love you so much. mother & dad

PEA said...

Well my goodness, Sandy, I can't leave you alone for a minute and look what happens! hehe I know how sore you must be but what a blessing that nothing was broken. Once you've healed from that fall, let's pray and hope that nothing else happens!!!

Fingers crossed that Mike gets that position at Lowes!! xoxo

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Nishant said...

I'm quite certain after a spill like that you are going to be very sore for some time yet! I'll pray for healing too! :)

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