Friday, November 27, 2009

Day After Thanksgiving!!

Our table for Thanksgiving

Tis the day after Thanksgiving...we are back home and enjoying just being here and being together!!

Yesterday we went to meet the kids and their friends in a campground!! We ate outdoors and had quite the spread!! I knew that my stomach is not in the best of ways lately...SO I only ate one plate which was not really full!! I really do not like Turkey so all I had was the side things which was plenty enough.

Beautiful view of the Lake

I had taken rolls which turned out just awful!! Also took pumpkin and peach pies with whipped cream of course!! We did not have to worry about eating!!

My rolls looked awful

This was a nice campground not too far from here. It was nice because we did not have to drive far at all. It is on a little lake. The kids were having a ball when we arrived. Garrett and his friend Ava were out gathering up all of the little lizards and anything that they could catch. Those two really get along because of their love for hunting and gathering up bugs and such!! They had to show me all of their finds.

We ate about 3:00. We got there just as the turkey was going into the fryer!! Poor thing!! Then it looked like it had suffered a massive heart attack when it came out. I just have never really liked a big turkey like that. I do not mind the sliced deli kind but that is about it!!

What a mess!! I am just not a BIG FAN!!

Afterwards it really started cooling down a lot!! I went for a walk with the kids. They had a neat little beach where they were playing in the sand making things!! We found the prettiest red mushrooms that looked like they had sesame seeds on the tops!! Never seen that before. The longer I live here I discover new things a lot!!

Finally the cold drove us inside to warmer things. We all sat there and watched some good old TV family movies. The kids enjoyed them all. Off to bed early as so many were ready!!

Mike and I slept with the kids in their end of the camper!! Maddie and Garrett were on the top bunks and the old people on the bottom (thank goodness). Sometime in the middle of the night here comes Garrett falling out of bed right above me!! He was fine. I tell you I have never seen Becky move so quickly. She came from the other end of the camper fast and was there in about a second!! Good mommy

Oh I forgot to tell you what we did!! I thought this was great!! When we got to the campground everyone had to go into the McCoys camper and take these cute placemats that Becky had made. Each had one of our names on them. Then we wrote on each on the back something that we were thankful for. It was fun. Then when we started eating everyone was given their place mat and could see what everyone wrote!! I have both Mike's and mine. I am going to take them and have them laminated...I thought it was such a good idea!!

We came home this morning after stopping at a house to do a measurement that Mike needed to get done. No Black Friday shopping for me this year!!

When we got home today Sammy was right here waiting for us. It is supposed to get pretty cold the 30's so Mike put a cardboard box with a blanket it in. Hopefully Sammy will go in there and try to keep warm. Poor little guy!

Hopefully ya'll had a great Thanksgiving too!! Isn't it wonderful just knowing that we live in the greatest country!! I am so thankful for that plus my salvation!! I am also thankful for my wonderful family and how God is starting to bring us all back together again!! What a blessing!!



Jeanine said...

I must take after you Aunt Sandy. I don't care for turkey either. Isn't that funny?!!!


Puss-in-Boots said...

What a lovely Thanksgiving you had. It sounds like things we do here. A lot of people go to the beach for Christmas's a lot cooler in the seabreezes.

Will Sammy eventually come inside, do you think? I hate the thought of him outside in the cold.

Happy Thanksgiving to and Mike, Sandy.

Susan said...

Sounds like you all had a fabulous day. We spent a lot of time outside as well...but I agree it got cooler as the day wore on.

Hope you're feeling well.



Melli said...

That sounds like a really really FUN Thanksgiving Sandy! And I am WITH ya on that ol' turkey bird! I did eat a little bit of it - but not much! I was more about the stuffing and the sweet potatoes! And all the other stuff too... *rolls eyes* LOL! But Thanksgiving by the LAKE - that sounds heavenly! So glad you had that experience before you move back up to collllld country! Really - it's too cold UP HERE even to enjoy an outdoor meal right now. But SOME years it's still warm enough at this time. I remember putting up Christmas lights in shorts and a tee shirt one year! LOL!

Nishant said...

What a lovely Thanksgiving you had. It sounds like things we do here

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