Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I LOVE pretty things!! Flowers are the best!! I can see God in every flower that I look at and it still amazes me. We have crepe myrtles blooming here all over the place. They are exceptionally pretty this year. I have been stopping and taking pictures and of course my mother is just in awe of them. We stopped yesterday and took some great photos. Like Melli says..Biggyfi this pic and you will see just how beautiful they are!!

Also I tried using the macro on my camera..Guess what.... it works..Smile..Here are some photos that I took of a beautiful bouquet at work. These are both glads!!

With all this gorgeous loveliness here in Savannah and then people here seem to be the WORST of the WORST when it comes to littering!! Always upsets me!! I see everything along the road from an upright grill; clothes; a lost soul (shoes); boxes; a broken printer and so many many more things. One day I saw a boy that had just bought something at a store. He was walking and taking the something out of the bag..He just let the bag drop to the ground and kept right on walking!! Where are the parents? Don't they teach their kids to be respectful of this world? Hm!! Just aggravates me. God has made some of the most beautiful scenery and then people just mess it all up!! DUMB!!

Close up of a gardenia

We took Mother to the vascular surgeon yesterday. If anyone in the Savannah area needs a good doctor in this area..Just let me know..we really liked this doctor. He asked her all kinds of questions, examined her. He told her that the back operation that she had years back had damaged the nerves in her back making her left leg so numb and also taking her reflex away from her left knee. He told her that stretches and exercise are the best thing for her. Also told her that she would NOT lose her leg. That was in the back of all of our minds because of the past with close relatives. I also felt relieved for myself because we were all wondering if it was heredity!! I am just going to keep exercising and hopefully that will never begin to happen to my legs. AT least we got some answers yesterday and that was what we had set out to do.

I am working every afternoon this week so it makes the days fly by. Work here at home in the morning or take my parents someplace and then off to work in the afternoon. Life as usual. I think that the p's are about ready to head home but they have to wait for the bus that will be leaving around the 26th of July from right here in our drive way. We have tickets to go to a dinner play at our church on the 10th of July too..should be fun!!

Still HOT here!! GREAT!! Love the heat this early in the year!! I lie too!! Smile....

I will try to make it around as soon as I can..

Thought for the day: "Life might not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we should dance."


Saija said...

i LOVE your flower pics ... and i agree with you, flowers point to our Creator God ... He just loves to give us beautiful things to enjoy!!!

you must be pooped with the working in the p.m. & regular home stuff besides ... hope you get your rest in!


Technonana said...

Does it just make you go Hummm, how can anyone look at something so beautiful and not believe there is a God?
Thanks for this up lifting post!!
I need it today!!

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful flowers!!!!

I am so glad that the news was good for your mom. It must be so reassuring for everyone. Keep up those exercises and stay cool!

Maggie Ann said...

I enjoyed those flowers! It is terrible that people throw trash on the roadways...sounds like the ones where you are take the prize though! A grill along side the road. (scratching my head)smile. I'm way late getting to bed. I've been downloading the free test version of Microsoft Security Essentials and finally did it right! I'm always glad to have a blog visit from you...I don't make the rounds as much as I used too but its fun when I do or blog friends come by. Like your visit! I'd better call it a day. The ac man is coming in the morning to check our not-working aconditioner and here I am up half the night. Doesn't it just figure?! oh well, thats what naps are for I guess. bye for now. (thats good you found such an excellent Dr.for your Mom....praise God!)

Decadent Housewife said...

Thank you for putting up your flower photos. I just love them and are so amazed at the designer with every one so different.

Denise said...

Glad things went well at the doctor for your dear mom. Those flowers are beautiful, just like you are. I love you my friend.

Maya said...

I just landed here! What an awesome place you have here! Love it.

Talk..to..Grams said...

I love your flower pictures!! They are just beautiful!! Wow!
I don't know why peole throw their trash along the roadway.
Hugs, Grams

Mary said...


The photos of the flowers are beautiful. Love the macro. I've never tried that and I must.

If the boys go shopping with me and they are going to open whatever it is they've purchased, they put the garbage in the can outside of the store entrance. If they open it in the car, they take their garbage with them when they leave...well most of the time anyway. Once in a while they forget.

They have been taught manners and respect of the earth by their parents, me and their school. Either of them have a fit if they see someone littering.

Keep cool, my friend. It's hot here as well. 86 degrees F with 46% humidity. Feels like 97. Too hot for this old gal. lol


Lazy Daisy said...

So glad that things went well for you and your mom. I know it is a relief to know its not genetic. Wish you could see me painting on a ladder (talk about a faith expanding experience!) We are painting a new room at the mission....the hard part will be trying to free up the walls of stuff to paint.

Melli said...

Ohhhhhh I want a crepe myrtle sO bad! I have GOT to get one! I ordered 10 red ones about - wow... probably about 10 years ago now! I was sO excited to get them! They'd be sO beautiful by now. But some kind of blight GOT all the red ones that year and they couldn't send them -- and I've never seen a red one again! I guess I will have to settle for pink! I AM gonna get me one though. Wish I could find one in the dumpster....