Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dumpster Diving

BOY it is HOT here but we are blessed with central AIR so i should not be complaining...HUSH!!...I will!! Guess summer is here and this is what we should be expecting.

Yesterday took Mother to the orthopedist for her last injection in her knee. She hated that it was her last one because now she does not get to see her handsome doctor...He is a good looker. Both of the doctors that she has gone too here are great looking. She wonders if it is in the water..Well who knows.

Afterwards we met Becky and she handed us the kids. We kept them for a couple of hours while she got her hair done. We stopped at AC MOORE (our favorite store). Dad sat out in the mall and waited for us. Mother, Maddie, Garrett and I took off for the store. I looked back and saw Maddie going back to sit with Grandpa. She told Mother that she did not want him to be alone. She has the best heart!! Very kind little girl!! Makes me real proud of her.

Came home and just sat and thankful for the air again. Mommy came and got the kids. Before you know it time to get back in the car and take off for the mall to work. Dad immediately fell asleep like usual. Garrett was trying to wake him up but once Dad goes to sleep nothing bothers him...Maybe a fly or two!! Smile!!

Have I told you about my dumpster diving fun? When I get off work I take our trash out to the big dumpster. One day a couple of weeks ago I saw people from a certain store here taking out their trash..Well it was not exactly trash so I brought it home. Wonderful things called a Seat Case. They were throwing these away. They cost about $95.00 a piece. I grabbed two of them and then later wished that I had taken more of them..From then on I have been "examining" the trash when I leave. I found a large (and I mean large) bag with what looked to be clothes in it this week. I drug it to the car and had a time getting it in the trunk. When I got home and lugged it up our steps I found that it was FULL of baby clothes. Still had tags on them and in great condition!! Mother and I went through them all and folded them. There was everything from a crib pad to cute blankets, hats, bibs, little socks and a couple of toys. I divided them out and took some to Goodwill and then am sending the rest to a young friend that is pregnant.

Why would they just throw these things away when there are so many people who need them. Also there is a Goodwill just a little ways from the dumpster. I would take it there. Crazy world.

At first I could not think what i was going to do with these then I remembered a good friend of mine back in Illinois. Her daughter is pregnant. I got on the computer and wrote to her. She said that they were having a lot of money problems and that she had been praying for God to send something to help them out. Well...through dumpster diving i am sending her some things for her coming baby. She was very happy!! God works in mysterious ways...even through "Dumpster Diving". I LOVE being able to know that I have helped someone else.

So after work..You will find me walking past the dumpsters and having a look see..Maybe I can help someone else...


Thought for the day: "Don't interfere with somethin' that ain't botherin' ya none."


Zaroga said...

I caught up on your blog... for the moment. It sure has been hot... yesterday and today are a bit cooler. Our crepe myrtles always bloom late. I'm afraid I don't know what a seat case is :-) Glad such good came from dumpster diving. Some stores it is their policy to just throw things away. I think that is such a shame. When we lived in Va the local Thalhimer's (I probably misspelled that) dept store gave items to the local Good Will and I got some nice dresses from GW with $60 price tags for $5. Glad for the results for you mother.

Julie said...

cool. Love to find things that way. It is crazy what people throw away.
Like your flag :)

Melli said...

ROFL!!! Gooooood for YOU!!! That is the way to recycle girlfriend! You gO! Kathy & Charlie could probably use some of that stuff at the mission too! I CAN see you diggin' through the dumster! lol!

Denise said...

Praying for your mom to be pain free. My momma use to dumpter dive, she always found things that she could give to others.

Needled Mom said...

Isn't it amazing what some folks consider junk? I wonder how much has gone to the dump before you got there. Glad that you are able to retrieve some of it now.

I do think that the docs are getting more handsome. Perhaps it is our "old" eyes. ;) My mom's docs are all pretty cute.

Hope it cools off soon. said...

Good for you!! I think it is nuts too, that they would throw away good stuff!!
Today is Nancy's Birthday and she is pumped up for this!! She just loves her birthday.

It is Hot here too!!! Whew!! Hugs Grams

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am new to your blog and have enjoyed visiting tonight. That is a real blessing that you "discovered" baby clothes and that you knew someone who would need them so badly. God works in mysterious ways.
I'm happy your Mom is improving and I agree, the dr.'s are getting better looking!
Hope you have a nice weekend.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Dumping all those things in good order...what a dreadful thing to do when there are so many people who would be grateful for just one item. Good for you, Sandy. I'm glad someone is using it.

PEA said...

Just don't fall in the dumpster with your legs waving in the air! lol Isn't it amazing what some people will throw away? Good for you for getting that bag of baby clothes and sending some of them to someone who needs them.

It was really hot here too for about a week but today it's not as bad, thank goodness. This gal can't take temps over 80F! lol

That picture of your dad sleeping and Garrett trying to wake him up is just precious! xoxo

LadyBugCrossing said...

Dumpster Diving - whatever it takes to spread the love - it's worth it.
You go girl!

Mary said...


Very nice that you could spend time with family. I hope your mother's leg is much better. Love the photo of your Dad sleeping. lol Reminds me of Grandpa. He could fall asleep in an instant when he sat down and nothing much bothered him either.

Dumpster diving is terrific. I know that many stores throw out things instead of sending them to charity. The local donut shops used to sell day old donuts but now they toss them in the garbage. They should be given to the local food bank. What a waste.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. It was a lovely day here today and we got out and had some fun.


Pear tree cottage! said...

Sandy what a lovely thing to if you ever need a "leg up" I am your girl! I have done a little diving myself at times and if only our children knew were the fresh orange juice came from all those years ago when we were in a situation were money was just not there......"those were the days" O! The OJ was from fresh oranges that were in bags in the dumpster and when they got home they had lovely cold fresh OJ in the fridge (smiles)

Anyway what a lovely thing you my dear have done for the family hving a baby. I do want to know however what is a "seat case" sounds interesting!

"KEEP COOL!" on your summer days. Lee-ann

Carolyn said...

I think it is hot hot hot all over the country. I haven't been outside (literally) for awhile (one short jaunt to the doctor last week), but my guys -- just the look on their faces and their sweaty bodies when they come in, I know its less than pleasant outside.

I have come out of my MIA-ness to say Hi again, and God willing, I don't plan on hiding from the world again, or getting caught up in the busyness of my life. God has other plans for me, and there is nothing more I want than to draw my friends back in. Its been a wild ride, and not one that is yet quite over before I can start looking at life in normal terms. But in the meantime (and even after life gets back to normal), I am on a mission -- to be the person and friend I know I can be. I have never stopped visiting. I just am quiet -- like I am in real life. But that isn't going to quite get it these days. So, hope you don't mind .... I'm baccckkkk :)

OH, and you shouldn't be surprised:) new URL -- if you don't mind changing the link/bookmark for me. I'm back to Blogger again, imported posts from some other blogs, and this new URL will bring you up to speed on the last month or so...


Saija said...

we got buckets of rain and cool weather this weekend ... but seasonal temps of 70 will return by tuesday ... :o) ... i have to rub that in, since you rub in your nice winter weather - *grinning* ...

your dumpster diving is fabulous! wow!!! those are great finds ... we didn't do near as well when we lived in AZ for a few months - but we did find some interesting things that we saved from the dumpster - like frames, seasonal bowls, tv ... that was a fun thing to do!

Anonymous said...

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