Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

We are getting rain, rain and more rain!! It just will not stop!! This has been going on for days and days now!! I know that soon when it quits and the HOT weather comes back we are going to be wondering WHERE the rain went!! Honestly though, I have not seen this much rain in the longest time!! WHEW!! Any day now it can stop and give us ONE day of sun!! I am always so sleepy!!

This morning we had Mike stay with Dad while I took Mother with me to my Precepts Bible Study at our church. We only have two more weeks in studying Daniel so i wanted her to come and see how much fun it is.

It was raining in sheets so i dropped her off at the front door so she would stay dry. I went to park the car. I got my umbrella out and stuck it out the door only to have it turn wrong side out. Here I am trying to get my bible and study notebook out of the car with my purse, umbrella turned up side down...I thought I would go get in our trunk and get a better umbrella. I had my hands full and the rain was making me as wet as I had been only a few hours earlier when I took my morning shower. First mistake, I laid my purse in the trunk because of the inside out umbrella and my hands being full. I got the better umbrella and just as I was shutting the trunk, I realized that my purse was in keys and all!! Oh my what a dumb thing to do. Had to call Mike (fortunately he was not far away today on a job) and he had to come and unlock for me..What a sweetie!!

We had a good bible study. Mother and I left early because we needed to use the time that we had to be away. I took her to my nail place and she had her first pedicure!! She was so happy with that. I got my nails done. She finally decided to get a manicure also. She has raved about it all day. Now she thinks that Dad should go!! I think he would like it!!

Mother getting her nails and toes done!!

Off to work this afternoon in the rain!! I was surprised at all the ladies that came in with this nasty weather!! What a lousy Georgia day!! Home now, supper over...Great to have Mother here to make it!! WHEW!! This could be a good thing!! smile!!

Pajama time now so will head to find them...Hope all is great and dry in your part of our great world..



Maggie Ann said...

Oh what a day you've had! I hope you get your sunshine back soon. Your Mom must be a lot of fun....getting her nails done and loving it.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Your weather sounds like hours. We've had flash floods and our area of the State was declared a disaster area. What a country - floods, fire and drought, all at the same time.

I think your mom is wonderful. Good on her for doing it all, hands and feet. Do you know, I have yet to have a professional manicure/pedicure?? I usually do my own. What am I missing?

Melli said...

Well, it IS! We are having gorgeous blue skies for the last several days! But WE had rain for days and days too before that! It looks like we might be in for more days and days next week!

Oh, I bet your Mom was SO tickled with her pedicure! I remember MY first! A little piece of Heaven right here on Earth! As a matter of fact... so was my last one! LOL! I LOVE getting my feet done - even more than my hands!

Thank goodness Mike had a spare set of keys to your car! I've done that before - but NOT in the pouring rain!

Sleep tight Jammy girl!

Needled Mom said...

Ah, yes, we had that lovely rain while we were in Florida this week. It came down in buckets. I was told that it is called "liquid sunshine."

Your mom looks like she is enjoying being pampered like that.

Zaroga said...

A bit dreary here in SW GA too, but the rain has been in and out.

I'm so glad you are having these special moments with your mother.

Decadent Housewife said...

Gorgeous weather here. Wonderful that you have your Mom to do those little things with.

Denise said...

Sounds like a great day.

Hootin' Anni said...

It's been way too long since I've visited with you. What with the exterior painting of the house that took over a month for Bud and me to finish....

I wanted to stop by and tell you I wish you a good, happy, healthy Memorial Day today.

Peggy said...

what a fun time you are having with your parents and what wonderful memories you are making