Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Sunday!!

My Mother and her GREAT granddaughter..teaching her to knit!!

It just keeps getting darker and darker outside and my head just keeps pounding more and more as the storm approaches. My head always acts up when the weather changes. Yes, I know I need to be laying down but Maddie is here this afternoon and learning how to knit with my mother..Her great grandmother!! How cool you say!!

I taught our oldest granddaughter, Brie how to knit last year and now Mother is working with our youngest granddaughter...

Today is also Brieanne's 20th birthday!! Yeap I have a 20 year old granddaughter. I have been a grandmother for 20 years now!! WOW!! Wanta feel old...?? Well I do!! I remember her birth so well...After she was born she just laid on that warming table and spread her legs and her arms like she was so happy to finally be out of there. She was not crying just relaxing!! Funny the things that you remember. I also remember holding her and crying!! What a blessing that was!! I was so happy to have her as our first granddaughter with many more to come. Each and every one is so very special to me!! Happy Birthday to our sweet and lovely Brieanne Nicole!!

This is Brie on her first birthday!! Tearing up her cake!!

We went to Cracker Barrel the other night to eat with our daughter, hubby and their two children..Took some pictures while we were there that I will share with you ...

Madison, Garrett and Gma Jeri at the Cracker

My dad and his granddaughter, Becky


I had so much pain going on yesterday that I did not finish up my blog for yesterday!! Today is yet another rainy and nasty day but it is cold this time. It may go down into the 40's tonight..that is amazing!!

My Monday did not start off good this morning..first a headache then I went in the kitchen and opened the frig...Out came a plastic container of chilli...What a mess!! It splattered everywhere...Was such fun to clean up!! What a way to start the day!!

Hope all is good in your part of this ole' world...just rain and headaches here...



Zaroga said...

Wonderful memories are being made with your family... how great a blessing that is.

Happy Birthday to Brieanne!

I understand about the headaches when a front comes through. It is something to do with the neck with me. Some times worse than others. I hope yours is better by now.

Melli said...

Ugh! A chili kitchen? YUK! What a mess! Ya know I meant to slide that container IN there a little further... sorrrrry.

Looks and sounds like you guys are havin' a great time! I'm just gonna die when Maddie learns to knit and I can't! NO FAIR!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good evening Sandy, I hope you are feeling better ... I went to the hospital to visit Diane this afternoon after her surgery to remove her thyroid..she is doing well and will go home tomorrow..

Wishing your granddaughter Brie a "happy birthday" and a fun day..

I should have come over to your house for a knitting lesson..needles and threads don't like my hands!!

Have a restful night. hugs, Barb

Denise said...

I enjoyed this post.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Lovely photos, Sandy. As for rain, we've had some really wild weather last night with more on the way. Hard to believe it's winter, this is more like our summer tropical downpours.

Hope your head is better soon...storms can do that to me, too. Not nice. Take care.

Betty said...

Happy Birthday to your granddaughter.

Hi Sandy,

Just wanted to stop by and say 'hi' and it's been a while since I visited. I hope you are feeling better today.

Technonana said...

What a blessing enjoying 3 generations in the same house!!
The headaches, got those too, think it's the weather causing my sinuses to act out!!
I pray you are feeling much better today my friend... and like you hoping for warmer weather... can't complain about the rain, we need it too badly!

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Sandy, I sure hope your headache is over and gone now. Its special that you have your Mom and Dad visiting for the summer I think you said. Your Mom looks like a gem.. & teaching her great grandd. to knit. Way to go! I hate it when something falls out of the fridge like that and flies everywhere. It happened to me not long ago too. If I wear good shoes in my kitchen...I'll be sure to splatter something on them or a drop of water will fall on my toes if I'm wearing sandals. Murphy's law or something I guess. lol.

Decadent Housewife said...