Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Things

My dad and Mike last week coming home from Illinois

This day has flown by!! Got up early to go to Curves to work. I do not mind Saturdays but of course, I would not want to work them EVERY Saturday!! We had a good morning except for one event with computers. Computers sometimes can be real fun when they stop working!! That was what happened this morning!! We made it through it okay!!

Went and got a movie for Mother and I to watch. She does not get to see many movies so i thought that while they are here we will get her updated on a few movies!! Today I brought home, "The Secret Life of Bees". This makes my 4th time of watching it with someone. I think it is a good movie and have not minded watching it all of these times so far... Mother enjoyed it. Dad misses a lot. He does not concentrate on movies but game shows is another thing!!

We went to 1st service tonight at church. This is Mike's weekend to work both services so we are at home now while Mike is doing yet another service.

The sermon tonight was on marriage and how it can be a good one or if not watched after and cared for it can go bad really quick. I did enjoy this one as I have been through all of the stages that Cam went over tonight so understand how things work. By this time I had better understand these things. He called everyone up front that had been married 20 years of more. Then asked for those of us to raise our hands that had been married 40 years or more!! My hubby was in the back doing his job so I had to raise my hand by myself...My mother went up with me too. They have been married 65 years now!! They are heading for 70!! Isn't that something!!?? Married to the same man for that long!! I only hope that Mike I make that!! I would be so thrilled.

Well not much else here. Just a quick day with a little rain along the way but mostly a sunny and pretty day here.

Flip Flop

Dad and Mother last week while traveling back here
to Georgia!!


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good evening Sandy, I only watched that movie one time, but I could watch it again.Your parents are so cute!!I am glad you can enjoy them at your house for awhile!!

I can tell that your dad is proud to wear his hat.. today is Armed Forces dad and brother were both paratroopers and my dad jumped on D Day!!He saw so much during WW2, but did not talk about it with us very often!!

Enjoy the rest of the week-end.
Hugs, Barb

Melli said...

UGH! I used to hate it when the computer went down at work! But really it's NOT too bad -- the music and the little voice are still available - and you can just have people sign in, and then put them in later. It's just a nuisance...

Your Mom & Dad look really happy to be with you! I laughed at the top pic of your Dad & Mike - that cane is sitting inbetween them both and they both have a look like "it's not MINE!" LOL!

The Secret Life of Bees was a GREAT movie - and it really stayed close to the book! I think that's why it was such a great movie! That and the actresses they chose! LOL!

Have a great weekend Sandy!

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
How wonderful that you have this time with your parents. They both look just great!
I haven't seen the movie, but read the book.

Deanna said...

It's SO awesome you have your parents for a visit! I confess, I'm a little jealous, but so happy for you! Bill and I have been married 21 years now and seem to be one of the few that are together among Mary's peers. When I was growing up I didn't know what divorce was, now a lot of kids don't know what it's like to live with both parents. Sad, huh?

Mountain Mama said...

Glad you are enjoying your parents being with you. I never saw the secret life of bees, maybe I will rent it.

Mountain Mama

Zaroga said...

Sandy I think you sound more "up" with your parents with you. I'm sure it must be a joy. They are a lovely looking couple.

Sandi said...

I'm glad you get to spend this time with your parents. 65 years is a lot of life they have together. I am always joyed when I hear of people married more than 50 years. They are people who are dedicate to make it work. All marriages have problems it is how we respond to them is what leads to the out come

Decadent Housewife said...

Just wonderful about your parents. What a great example!

Denise said...

Glad you are enjoying this time with your parents.

Maggie Ann said...

Hurray for good marriages...65 years wow!