Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

I spotted my first lovely white magnolia today and OH I cannot tell you how much I love those beauties!! They hang so delicately on the end of those branches!! I once had a TALL person jump up and get me one of those grand huge flowers!! Oh, the smell!! I was so thrilled to have one of those lovely delicate flowers in my possession. People told me ..."Now they will not live once you get it home!!" Oh, who cares I have one and I can just gaze at it..
You know that lovely lasted a couple of days for me..long enough for me to be equally thrilled at its beauty.

How can people not believe in a higher power while looking at this lovely specimen? How?? I have not idea!!

Today I bought three plants...I simply LOVE Flowers in you have not got that by now!! I bought a red mandevilla; a digitalis (purple) and what I went for...a knock out rose!! They grow all over the place here and I just love them. They remind me of the old roses that we used to find all of the time along the road and ditches when I was young!! We called them wild roses then!! They even have a fragrance!! WOW!! They are blooming all over the city here!! We were at Krogers the other day and after coming out I told Mike.."I just have to have some of those"...So I sort of took 3 of them...OOOPS!! They are so pretty. I brought them home and that has been a week and they are just now starting to die!! Now i will have my own bush!! Hopefully it will live here!!

Today is another day at Curves!! Thursdays are usually pretty slow!! I was so happy to make it to church last night. If you have time stop over at and go to Sermons Online and find Jeff Walling...he is just absolutely excellent. His style of teaching is visual and along with that FUNNY!! I just knew I had to get there last night..Curves does not close till 7:00 and church starts at 6:45...I hurried out of here. Walked into church (after hunting and hunting for a parking space) and just as I sat down Jeff got right up there...My timing was excellent!!

I think I told you the other day that Mike and I were riding along and saw a big pretty peacock!! That was something to see..This past week Mike was out back and said come see a snake!! Oh yes, just WHAT I WANT TO SEE!! He called it a brown snake but to me it was just a snake and should be GONE!! It has just eaten something so had a big bump in its spine...or what ever you call its back!! I do not want to get at all familiar with any kind of snake.

Oh since I last wrote we have made a decision to go up to Illinois and pick up my parents for a couple of months. My mother really really needs to get out of that apartment. This way maybe we can go places and show at least her things. We live in a beautiful city with so much to see. Sometimes I forget that we live in a city where people come to have a vacation!! Smile!! We are leaving next week in our motor home to pick them up. We will make a fast trip and come right back as quickly as we can. I am so hoping this will work out well for everyone!!

Hope the world is treating you good!! So far things are fine here!! Summer is here!! It is HOT!!



Denise said...

That magnolia is beautiful sweetie. I think that is a great idea about your parents, it will be nice for all of you. I love you my friend.

Zaroga said...

The magnolia is beautiful. They are blooming here too... and Frank is allergic to them... but he is doing okay with antihistamine.

Love the cartoon :-)

Needled Mom said...

I love magnolias. They are such an elegant flower.

Have a wonderful and safe trip. It will be such a nice break for your folks.

Denise said...

I would love to have a magnolia tree
the are silent beauties and they are a testament to the Father God.. you are right.... how could man NOT believe when seeing that part of the creation........

Denise said...

Oh I forgot.,... I think it is wonderful that you are bringing Mom and Dad home with you for a while...... What a beautiful gift you are to them.........

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, Do you have a Magnolia tree in your yard? The flowers are wonderful..they always remind me of the old southern homes of the south..

When your parents come to your house, I would like to meet them..Your mom and dad must be as sweet as you!!!

I went to Curves this morning and will go again in the morning.

Have a good night. hugs, barb

lillinda said...

Springtime in Georgia cannot be beat! Flowers, trees and even snakes, all testaments to our Creator.
Looking forward to our lunch,

Pear tree cottage! said...

Magnolia, the crowns of angels my dear friend.

Please take it easy going up to your mum's and I look forward to seeing her on your blog as you re-visit your holiday state with them.

what a wonderful summer she will have.


Melli said...

Oh HOW exciting! You're going to bring your Mom & Dad down for a visit! That is WONDERFUL! Oh it will do them AND you a world of good! I'm very excited for all of you!

We are still traveling and having fun! Saw 2 baby cows be born today! WOW! That was something else!