Friday, May 01, 2009

Planting Day

Digitalis..supposed to attract humming birds!!

I have been wanting to plant something for weeks now!! Finally yesterday I just went to Walmart and picked up 3 nice plants. I wanted some tomatoes but they were mostly picked over because most people already have them growing. I talked to a lady this morning that already has!! I know things start faster here. I have just not had the extra money to do this and well I just needed to plant.

I bought a rose plant that I have seen growing all over Savannah right now. I think i mentioned about the roses that look like the old fashioned ones that I remember. Those are called Knock Off Roses. I planted it this morning along with a digitalis and also a red mandevilla. Boy, I hope that they live!! The rose plant is supposed to be very hardy and loves sun. It is also disease resistance!! Course it has never been taken care of by this lady either!!

My sweet smelling rose

I simpley love plants and flowers. I know that I get it honestly. My great grandmother had some of the prettiest lilies of the valley and bleeding hearts. Still some of my favorites. I tried to plant a bleeding heart bush here and well it did not work. My grandmother always had geraniums so I always have a plant of two of red ones on the porch!! My mother always planted everything. Guess I inherited this need!!..don't ya think? I always wanted to be able to have a landscaped home with all kinds of flowers that had little paths through them...Maybe a bench sitting by a large magnolia or honey suckle plant. That is not going to happen for me in this life time. So I am hoping that God has a beautiful place for me in heaven with flowers everywhere!! Just think ....there will be no pain so you will be able to bend down, on your knees and just plant and take care of them to your heart's content!! What a paradise that would be for me...

For the past two years now our mall has put up flags all around the perimeter l. I think it is so pretty and just makes me proud to be an American. I took a picture this morning...If you open it up big, it looks prettier..

They go all around the mall and just make things so pretty and festive...Memorial Day is coming up!!

Our cat, Annie has a thing with cat nip! She goes just a little bit crazy over it..Rolls in it and just gets a little glassy-eyed..then runs all over the place..It is a kitty drug for sure..Fun to watch her!!

She is sitting on my lap now trying to get her bit of happiness for right now!! I really love cats. They are so easy to take care of and really do not demand much out of you..Just a little food and a lot of love.

Off to work in the morning!! This afternoon I have to go pick up the grands and then get homework done. Madison will probably not have any and Garrett may..Sometimes on Fridays they do not have any..That was always when I had so much..weekends!!

Take care my friends...I will try to stop by this weekend.


Zaroga said...

I love flowers, but didn't inherit the green thumb... sometimes I get lucky. I really wanted to plant some geraniums... we used to do that every year. I miss it.

Your flowers are just beautiful! The rose... I wish I had one.

I keep wanting a pet, but know it is not time yet. God always brings us one just when it is suppose to happen. I do enjoy hearing of other's pets... even if it is through cyberspace.

Denise said...

I love roses.

Linda said...

I bought some flowers for my deck and after one day they looked like they were dieing. I read the little card that came with them and it said not to put in direct sun. Well, from the afternoon on all my deck gets is full sun. Why didn't I read about the flowers before I bought them?

Hope you have a nice weekend.

Denise said...

I am spending this weekend planting in my yard........ I need to be in the dirt..... I will start my blog break on Sunday and then I hope to get a lot done........

Love the roses........ they are a gift to us.....

Puss-in-Boots said...

My mum is a wonderful gardener as was my grandmother, however, it missed me somehow. Both my daughters have green thumbs, too.

I loved the Youtube video of Savannah you sent me, Sandy. The song is right...Savannah is a pretty city.

Have a happy weekend.

Happy Woman said...

Your flowers are beautiful~ When I moved here 18 years ago there was a rose bush in the back yard. We moved it to the front of the house and every year I get loads of yummy smelling gorgeous coral colored roses.

God is good!

PEA said...

Oh, Sandy, I just love that Digitalis plant, how beautiful the flowers are!! So many flowers you can grow over there that we can't here because our growing season is just too short. We can't plant the veggie garden or flowers here until at least the end of May when the chance of frost is over. Saying that, I've seen us get frost the second week in June!!

Love those old fashioned looking roses as well. I was checking out my rose bushes I have in my Faerie Garden and they're all starting to sprout so I'm glad they survived their first Winter:-)

How wonderful of that mall to put up all those flags around their lot, it certainly does make one proud:-)

Your kitty sure looks like she's enjoying that catnip! lol I remember when I had cats at home growing up, I'd get them little toys filled with catnip and they'd go nuts!! xoxo