Friday, April 24, 2009

Sitting here at my computer listening to my outside world..What great sounds!! I can hear a very happy Cardinal not too far way that is the happiest little guy around right now...I hear a plane going over but quietly...I also hear a dove in the very farthest away sounds making that wonderful soothing noise that I just love!! It always reminds me of being little and staying at my grandmother's home...I am just thinking now while sitting here just much do we sit and just listen...just to listen...Probably not enough!!

I saw a movie last night that I wanted to just tell you about. "Seven Pounds" with Will Smith is a very different movie. You really have to stick with it. It is one of those movies where you have to figure out just what is going on. Mikey got a little upset after about 45 minutes and left thinking that the Bulls would be a better thing to spend his time!!

This movie is strange but you know it is very good once you get it figured out...Will's character was in a car accident with his wife...He was texting (bad idea while driving) and caused a really bad accident that killed his wife and 6 other people...He of course survived!! He then looks for 7 people that he can help in some way..just like the old saying about a pound of flesh...He finds 7 people that he can help...That is where I will let you watch the rest of the movie. I thought it was good but some of you might not think so. Just takes figuring out and listening very closely..if you do rent it, give it a chance..okay and then come and let me know what you think.

I am just now back from Curves AGAIN!! I tell you I hate to exercise but I have too..that is just it...The club was full today and that always makes it more fun and the time goes by quicker. I need a shower but i also need to run the sweeper too...It is really HOT here today and living upstairs like we do..well it makes it even hotter.

My bible study was awesome yesterday but I am still in the fog about Daniel's 70 weeks. I think most of this God does not want us to really know..He wants it to stay a mystery for sure. If HE wanted us to know I believe it would have been written a little bit easier for our crazy minds to understand..Mine certainly is working on it now...I think that is all that He wants from us...

Have a wonderful Friday..I am off to see my sweeper now and probably sweat some more..Fun!!



Lazy Daisy said...

Hey Babe.....I'm still trying to find walk way in the medical room. It's amazing all the things that get dropped off while I was gone. We finally have a weekend off. Woo Hoo! We are going to make raised beds for our vegetable garden. Miss you.

Needled Mom said...

I'm glad that you are back at Curves even though you don't like it. The time always goes be quicker with others to visit.

Love the cardinal. That is one bird that we do not see here but my grandmother always had them at her house.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, wow... it is hot in Atlanta today also!! 85 for the high today.. my daughter had to turn on the air condition...I hope Fred turns on our air before I get home tomorrow.

My grandson Zach is 18 years old today.. I need to do a post on him..

My daughter Bonnie went with me to Curves this morning and did not realize how hard the workout is..she is joining !!! She thought that by not adding on weights, it would be granddaughter will join in the summer after school gets out..two new members...

Have a great day.We just got back home from getting our nails done.
Hugs, Barb

PEA said...

It's 62F here right now and to us that's a heatwave at this time of year! lol The sun is shining and I just came in from cleaning out my flowerbeds and raking the grass. Felt good to be out there and doing yard work:-)

I haven't heard about that movie but I love Will Smith so will rent it next time I'm at the video store. Thank you for explaining it a bit, at least I won't be so lost if I watch it! lol

Good for you for going to Curves even though you don't enjoy excercising that much...I'm sure your body will thank you for it:-) xoxo

Sherry said...

Re: Daniel. There's a lot that we're not supposed to understand, I think. Or at least I HOPE that's the case, because if we're supposed to understand, I'm lost!

I rely on God giving us the peace which passes all understanding!

Beautiful cardinal!

Zaroga said...

Beautiful cardinal. I love it when we can have the windows open and hear all the critters. Today we hit 90 degrees. Soon the ac will be running full force.

Have a great weekend!

Technonana said...

I love listening to the birds!!
And Daniel, well, I agree with you... there is much that God wants to reveal to us, but I'm sure that we cannot understand it all now.

Technonana said...

Well Sandy, you know what they say, "Great minds think alike!!"
And yes, I have seen Savannah during this time of year, and it is beautiful!
Yes, every time I round the corner that faces my house, the azaleas take my breath away!! I hate it when they stop blooming... these are late bloomers, many of my neighbors azaleas have already stopped blooming.
I live in the sandhills area of Columbia...
So when are you coming for a visit?

Anonymous said...

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Denise said...

I enjoyed this post, great movie review.

Melli said...

I definitely agree that we do not listen enough -- not JUST to listen -- and not JUST to listen for God's voice either. And listening is so soothing... so I don't know why we don't! Well - yes I do - because we are all so busy! But we NEED to make time to listen - especially for God! He has sO much to say...

I also agree that some of the things in the Bible really are NOT there for us to understand - but ARE there for us to discuss and learn from THAT way! Or to meditate on and learn from THAT way. I know there is MUCH that God doesn't want us to know... and He has good reasons for it.

Tomorrow is going to be my busiest day in Wisconsin. We are driving up to Green Bay for the day! I AM having a wonderful time - and so is mom! Once I got the whole room/sleep thing worked out it was all good! Thanks for your prayers, your concern, and your encouragement!

Saija said...

popping by with a (hug)!

Mary said...


It was really warm here yesterday, especially after last week's cold spell. It makes the higher temps seem so much warmer after a cold snap.

This movie sounds intriguing. I've seen the commercials for it on tv and thought it would be good. If I get a chance to watch it, I'll be sure to let you know what I think.


Puss-in-Boots said...

I've heard that the movie, Seven Pounds, is very good. I actually haven't seen it, but I will, because I do like Will Smith. I watched Independence Day last night(again!).

Sounds as if your knee is going along well, Sandy. That's good and I hope it stays that way for you.

Take care and have a wonderful week.