Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

ONLY a mommy dog would LOVE this FACE!!

Good Afternoon!! Been gone today!! I went into Curves to weigh and see how this LONG LONG week of 1200 calories has turned out..Well I lost 2 and a half pounds!! I was really surprised because I did not think that I would lose anything..not an ounce!! Probably lost it in my wrist or some other small place on this body of mine!! Any how....Now tomorrow I start on 1500 calories a day and new we will see. i will stay on 1500 for 3 weeks. I weigh just once a week at Curves...Then after 3 weeks...well then I will see what i am really supposed to do!!

While at Curves, our daughter called and wanted to take me out to lunch for my birthday!! It is not until Friday but I understand they are going to be gone...SO!! It had to be today!! She took me to Panera Bread which we both love. I had a half salad and broccoli cheese soup..Probably not on my DIET (Food Plan) but oh well ...just once right??? We sat and talked for a long time then off to look for our granddaughter a gift for her baptism.

Becky and Madison meet this afternoon after school with our children's pastor to talk and then to set up a time for her baptism...I cannot tell you what we both found for her yet because she just might bounce over here to my website and read about it..You never know anymore..But will show you later on!!

We had a nice time together like we always do. We have a dreary day today. I have received 3 cards already..People LOVE to see me get old!! Smile!! I am so thankful for all the cards that I receive!! They are always displayed..course no one ever comes here!!

Tomorrow I have been honored by being asked back to MOPS as one of the mentor moms to answer some questions...Here is a list of the questions..Have any good answers for me????

  1. What would you have changed about your marriage to make it stronger when your kids were little that you didn╩╝t learn about until the kids were older?
  2. In retrospect, what is the most valuable lesson to teach your child (besides Jesus)?
  3. How can we learn to communicate issues that we have with each other without turning it into a fight?
  4. What are some things we can do as husband and wife to put each other first before the kids (easy weekly ideas)?
  5. I love and want sex just as much if not more than my husband. Am I normal?
  6. How do you bring romance into the marriage when you have no extra money or time and little ones running around?
GOT any GOOD answers? I would love to hear your view point..Hope I can think of something good to answer but there are two other mentors I will not be on the spot at all!! WHEW!! But will try hard. Then once again I get to go out to!! I am going to have to be very choosy on my selections...It can be done!!

Take care and hopefully I will get around to you all...never seem to get that done as well...

Thought for the day: "Remember whose almighty hand you are in!"


Lazy Daisy said...

Congratulations Skinny girl. Woo Hoo! doing a happy dance for you. So thrilled to hear about Maddie's baptism plans. Wow, those are some questions girlfriend. I have every confidence in your ability to answer them. Gotcha all prayed up.

Betty said...

That is without a doubt the ugliest dog I have ever seen. Sorry, Sandy, I hope he doesn't belong to you, hehe.

Congratulations on your weight loss. That's great. Keep up the good work.

I post a picture from the 50's for today's WW. Hope you have time to drop by for a visit.

Chris said...

Sandy, you are doing so good with your diet and I know you feel better with going to Curves and working out. Good for you, keep up the good work.


Smilingsal said...

Congratulations on that weight loss That's a chunk! Your daughter is sweet to spoil you with a birthday lunch.

Deare Diary said...

I could probably help you out with some really good answers but...I do not have enough room to write it all!!!teeheehee

Maggie Ann said...

I think losing weight is secondary (for me) as to train myself to eat differently for the most part. I lost 10 pounds and after 3 months of feeling great and looking better ....I have gained 6 lb back..says my WII fit...sigh. Its portions have been growing...and I discovered salsa and corn chips...not a good idea I guess. Hope your Birthday was are special arent' they! Mine are still up and my BD was in Jan. About those questions, If I knew the answers I would be much more mature and consistent than I am. Maybe there aren't any foolpoof methods or advice. I'll have to think about it...=) I know your talk will blessed of God and will be just such a blessing to the ladies..and an encouragement. It always is when we serve the Lord!

Decadent Housewife said...

That dog face and those MOP questions in the same post just tipped me over the edge. Too much!! :)

Technonana said...

"what kinda dawg is that?" "if it had hair it would be a saint benard." one of my favorite quotes from Steel Magnolias!!
Answer to the first question..
Remember that your husband is your first love.. though the children need you more than he does, he still needs and wants your attention too, so you just have to figure out a way to let him know you still love and care for him. Like making yourself beautiful just for him, even if it's after the kids are in bed!!
Answer to number 5.. yes you are normal... most women are just too tired to admit it. A woman's sex drive usually peaks between the ages of 25 and 35.
I would suggest that they see the movie Fireproof and get the Love Dare it will make marriages stronger!!! I know Papa and I are doing the Love Dare!! So you never get to old to 'work on your marriage!!

Denise said...

Teach your children that they are one of a kind.. Unique only to themselves...... They have a talent that God gave them and there is no one better equipped to accomplish what they can..... Teach them that they are somebody and whatever they want to accomplish they can.. Instill in the confidence! It will take them through life's hardest trials if they believe in them selves!

and that is what I think ! hahahah So Friday is your birthday ! I will put that on my calender for next year! :)

Denise said...

Funny picture my friend.

Hootin' Anni said...

I must be a dog mother [what do they call female dogs? LOL].....'cause that is an adorable face!!!!

And, the birthday lunch sounds delish!!! I LOVE broccoli soup!!!!

PEA said...

Yup, a face only a mother could love! hehe Such a funny shot of that doggie:-)

Way to go you!! I'm so proud of you for having lost those couple of pounds, I need some of your willpower to start watching what I eat. My weakness is sweets and I'll last a few days of not eating any and then I give in. I find as I'm getting older the willpower is no longer there! lol Continue the great work, I'm sure your body will thank you for it:-)

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday lunch with your such thing as a diet when it's your birthday I always say! lol Tomorrow is your big day, I will have a card for you on my blog!! I didn't get to post this morning, my internet was down for a few hours, we've been getting snowstorms here the last couple of days with high winds so it's really playing havoc with everything. xoxo

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Wow... Sandy a new and fresh look to your blog .... love it... Barb

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. It's already Friday here so let me greet you a wonderful Birthday! Wishing you best of health and more promising years ahead.

I would like to teach my son about the value of honesty and self respect.

Hubby and I go on dates without our son every now and then. I'm thankful that we have a trusted and loyal nanny who we could entrust our son.

Hootin' Anni said...

Your blog entries aren't loading correctly for some reason [I've run into this all week with Blogger Blogs...some kind of glitch]....I posted more on Flip Flop Floozie TWO and came back and clicked on your archives and got the posts to load that way.