Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Still trying to maintain and watch these 1200 calories a day!! WHEW!! I mean this has been a hard thing and an awfully LONG week too!! Smile!! Tomorrow I weigh in and will be surprised IF i loose anything at all...I just do not feel like I have lost an ounce.

Went this morning and worked out and always feel so much better after that is over..I went from Beginner UP to Intermediate again with Curves Smart!! I really like Curves Smart because it kicks BUTT!!

I have been eating fresh vegies as much as I can and almost turning into a Sandy Cucumber!! Yesterday I went to our close food store and just wanted to get some pepppers and cucumbers..They wanted about 2.26 for each of them..I told them to keep them...Hubby called. I told him about those high prices....He said go to Walmart...where I should have went in the first place!! He stopped for me and I want to show you what he came home with..NOW remember I only asked for cucumbers and peppers:

He always says that he should NEVER go to Walmart alone!! Oh well..see how he was thinking about me his little ole' wifey!!

Today is gorgeous here..sunny and in the middle 50's!! I have been washing most of the day and need to get in there and fold now!! I never iron unless i just HAVE too and that is not very often anymore!! Goody!! Remember when our mother's had to iron? Oh, I am so happy for washers and dryers and clothes made out of material that you can just hang up!! Wow..Aren't we just the most luck of all generations???

Take care ya'll and hope your day is going as great as mine is!!

Thougth for the day: "Exercise daily, walk with the Lord!"


Lady Bug said...

haha - I have the same problem when I go to Walmart - and it's even worse when I bring my 5 year old along. We end up getting craft stuff for her to do at home.

I've been thinking about joining Curves... so keep me posted.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, I did not have any problems with my laser eye surgery this morning..no pain and the procedure was quick.

I need to go buy some fresh veggies, but I hope I don't get side tracked..We will do this diet plan and get skinny!!!
Hugs, Barb

Needled Mom said...

Maybe you will surprise yourself when you get weighed in this week. I hope so because it is frustrating to be on a 1200 cal diet and not be loosing. Good luck.

Peggy said...

I try not to let William go to Walmart alone. He goes crazy shopping in there. I avoid the place and go to local owned shops. I spend a little more but I also don't buy alot of things I don't need. William is addicted to walmart LOL

Melli said...

Ya know... when I was 16 my doctor put me on a 1200 calorie diet. I was on it for several months. BUT... I got thinkin' about this... back THEN we didn't have a McDonald's on every corner - as a matter of fact the first one had just opened (in our neighborhood) 3 years before - and it was still the ONLY one. No other fast food either. Also - the ONLY snack cakes that were on the market that I can remember were HOSTESS Twinkies and HoHo's. And they were very expensive - which meant we didn't GET them! No one bought soda's except for a party. We drank water! I don't remember that 1200 calorie diet killing me at all! It would NOW though!

Betty said...

Hi Sandy,

When reading your post I thought about our Super Wal-Mart store. Their produce is almost always higher than regular grocery stores.

Keep up the good work. Before long you will be skinny.

Smilingsal said...

Oh, I WISH that my husband would shop like that! He will get exactly what I ask for and nothing else.

Denise said...

I fell off my diet wagon today BIG TIME.... I am an emotional eater and got real upset today.... came back over to the house and ate FIVE Oreo cookies! THEN FIVE more! I showed them! hahahhaha

Hugs girl

Denise said...

My lovebug goes crazy at Walmart, lol

Heart of Rachel said...

I also end up buying more stuff that are not on my grocery list.

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Sounds like you're doing well on Curves. Our Super Walmart has the highest prices on produce and meat of any of the grocery stores (but better prices on staple items). It's quite a distance, so we only go every month or so.
Enjoy that nice weather :)

Lazy Daisy said...

We tag team when we go grocery shopping for that very reason. It certainly cuts down on impulse spending. Charlie got his birthday card yesterday and yes, we really do want to know how the cows were able to call the police. Stop by and check out Suzy's newest costume for Oz. Miss you.

Talk..to..Grams said...

Hi, I bet you did lose weight! It is hard to to do!! hugs, Grams