Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Memories

Been thinking lately about how people come into our lives and then walk out sometimes just as suddenly!! Sometimes they stay longer than others do...we love them and love to be around them...we move and we miss them..they get older, get sick and pass on!! People are so important to me..they are what life is all about!! Friends and family...what more do we want but their love and devotion to us!! People...God loved his world that he created so much that he knew that it was missing a man...then after that he knew that the man would be lonely. In His infinite wisdom is created woman!! People were here to stay!!

I know you wonder where I am going with this...MEMORIES!! They come from these people that enter our lives..stay for awhile, for our whole lives or just for a little time!! I have been looking at old pictures and I guess it makes me nostalgic. I remember so much about all these wonderful people in my life now or those that were for what seems now like a very short time. Now some are gone and I really really miss them.

As Christians we can have the hope of seeing these people when we pass on and go to Heaven. There are so many that I am so looking forward to seeing again..How about you?

This was taken back in 1965. Mike and I had only been married 1 year at this time.. Mike and I are on the left in the back..what a young couple we were then of course. My mother is standing next to me. In front of her is my Uncle, her brother. He died several years back in a car crash. He was my mother's only sibling!! She misses him all of the time. My brother is sitting on the right hand side next to my grandmother, Mom...I miss her tremendously!! I found some pictures of her lately too...

Here she is in the 40's. My mother thinks that I look a lot like her. I have never been sure but if so that is great with me because she was a very pretty woman. She was 40 years older than me but she never seemed like that. I have always wanted to be a grandmother like her. Only unlike her, I love being called grandmother. She always thought she was too young to be a grandmother so Ron and I called her mom..I know you have read in past blogs about her. I stayed with her a lot..too much..that is why I am so protective to not keep my grands for a long time...Just be there when they need me. This is one of the reasons we moved here to be closer to the littler grands so that they would know their grandfather and grandmother!! Never have regretted that!!

I love this picture especially of Mike...He is in the background with BIFF the BEAR holding it over my grandmother, Mom's head..such a cut up!! Our son Jon is in the front. He would have been 2 at that time. Just a good old family picture!! So many of these great people are now gone...they were in our lives for a short time but we will get to see them again!! That is such a great hope!!

WE had a wonderful valentine's weekend...I think the best that I have ever had!! We were just together, watched a movie and played canasta (of which I just could not win)!! Smile!! I love weekends like that!! Just plain, together, good weekends..BEING with MY FRIEND!

Thought for the day:

God determines who walks into your's up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go.'


Smilingsal said...

Like you, I'll see many loved ones when I get to Heaven.

Denise said...

Such a wonderful post my friend. I cannot wait to see my momma, brother, both grandmothers, and both grandfathers, and a nephew.

Denise said...

Oh ... the walks we take down memory lane...... I so miss my grandmother.. She was my mentor and my best friend...... can't wait to hug her neck!

Thanks for the memories girl friend

Linda said...

A lovely post of memories.

I have a new grandbaby. Stop by and meet her when you get a chance.

Melli said...

My my... you are in a nostalgic mood. It is fun sometimes to look back over old pictures and remember folks. I have verrrrrrry few of our old family photos -- I guess one of my sister's have them - I don't know. But mine don't bring back terribly pleasant memories anyway. I'm glad yours DO!

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful post. Isn't it wonderful to know that we will all be reacquainted sometime?

Monkey Giggles said...

I am home sick. Can't wait to see my loved ones in heaven someday.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Family we have with us all the time. But some people are sent to us for such a short time and I think it's because we have something to learn from them. When their time with us is done, they move on.

I've often wondered about people who were in my life at one time but now aren't. They're in a different place from then and so I am I, but it was lovely while it lasted.

What a great post, Sandy, and I loved the photos of your family.

Donetta said...

Lovely post. So very true.

PEA said...

Hello dear Sandy,

I'm finally back in the land of blogging, after having had Steve here for a few days I didn't get a chance to do any visiting so blame him! lol

I so enjoyed reading this post...I've always said that the people who enter our lives, no matter for how short or long of a time, are sent to us for a reason. It's funny that you should show a few older pictures with some of your family members who are no longer living because just the other day mom & I were looking at some old pictures she has and we were saying how much we miss so many of the people on them.

Glad to hear you had such a lovely Valentine's Day:-) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures I really did enjoy them and such good memories indeed. We had a good time in our family, didn't we? I miss them all a lot and as I get older miss them even more, but someday I will be with them and what a day that will be. Thanks so much. Love you Mother & Dad
Have a happy bday Sandy and enjoy your box we just sent today. Bye now

Heart of Rachel said...

It's rewarding to look back and re-live happy moments. Thank you for sharing.