Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meme--Just for Fun

I was just over at Pea's Corner and saw this and decided to to try this!!

1. Go to your Picture Folder on your computer or wherever you store your pictures.
2. Go to the 6th Folder, then pick the 6th picture in that folder.
3. Post that picture on your blog and the story that goes along with the picture.
4. Tag 5 other peoples that you know or don’t know to do the same thing and leave a comment on their blog or an e-mail letting them know you chose them.

I am not going to tag but if you would like to play just give it a try..Kind of fun!!

This is our grandson Garrett and his mother, Becky trying to put together LEGO's that we got him for Christmas. Cute picture!!


Melli said...

Oh! Anni tagged me with this one last week! I forgot all about it when I got my computer back! I can do it now ... so I will! Tomorrow.
This was not boring... you are not boring! TRUST me... YOU are NOT boring! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I saw this at Pea's, looked like a lot of fun. I did the 4th pic in the 4th folder, I loved doing that too. I would love to meet you when I get to Savannah too. Do you know Baba, she wanted to get together also. Maybe we could all meet for lunch, wouldn't that be fun? :)


Denise said...


Linda said...

I've been seeing this around blogland. Legos were very popular this year.

PEA said...

Hi Sandy:-)

I'm so glad you decided to do this meme...I thought it was fun, too, and was so curious as to what my 6th picture would be! lol This picture brings back so many memories of when my boys were little and I'd be down on the floor with them putting something together:-) xoxo

Dawnie said...

Hello again! one of my favorite past times and things I try to do almost every day--is go out blog hunting. I love meeting new folks on here and of course getting to know them. All I do is start visiting and keep going from there! It takes time but its amazing all the neat things you, decorating ideas, and many many online friends!

Norma said...

Cute idea. I think when I get back from the coffee shop I'll try this, even though it's a photo of one of my husband's projects (he's an architect). There's always a story!