Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

How sweet!!

Blogging has not been in my world lately and i really do miss all of my blogging friends!! I don't know why I have not been visiting as much as I used too but need to get busy at it!!

Today is a BIG DAY for our country!! We are about to get our first African American president our 44th president!! He was not my choice, but he is about to be our new president and so that makes me behind him 100%!! I have not always voted right and any way..who really votes right? How do we know really who is going to make a good president for our United States of America. We are really in a bad time now!! We have been used to so much convenience, luxury and freedom. I just hope that we do not take that for granted!! We still need to look out for our liberty!! This new president is stepping into quite a bad problem!! We need to pray for him and for the decisions that he will be making!!

Mike has been home all week so far. No work!! Not good for us so we are trying to tighten our belts. That does not pay the bills but we have faith that God is in this. Every year at this time this seems to happen. Right after Christmas...people do not have the money to spend on remodeling of any kind...course that is just what happens. Most people are thinking about income tax too. I always dislike this time of year here at our house!! We just have to have MORE FAITH!!

I kept our two grands yesterday. They are growing up so fast!! Amazing!! They came in the house and Garrett, of course, wanted a snack..he is always hungry!! He knows to go to this one cabinet that has things he likes to eat there. He saw that i had some peanut butter crackers...OH..not good!!

"Gma, you need to throw these away. They are not good for you!" WOW, he keeps up with the news..right!!

At lunch we were talking. We were talking about the new president which takes office today. Madison piped up and said, "Did you know that Bush is going out of office with only 20% of the Americans liking him?" Where did she get that? I know I was never this smart at 8 and 10...just goes to show you the difference with computers and all of our technology. Kids today know more...they learn faster too!!

Since Mike has been home we are back to canasta!! He beat me yesterday...ROYALLY!! I just did not get the cards...I am not giving up though!! We will play again and I WILL WIN!!

Well guess that is enough words for today!! Now since you are probably bored to death. We have cool temps. It is only 36 here but should make it to 60 so that is just fine!! I love the winters here!! Just a light coat works for me!! I am not a "coat wearer" any how!!

Thought for the day: " It's okay to lose; just don't lose the lesson." George Lucas


Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Wish you lived close to me, I have a bunch of work for Mike to do. But the expense of coming to TX would probably cancel out any profit made! Hope it gets better soon!

Smilingsal said...

Tell your grandchild that Congress's approval rating is even lower than President Bush's. I agree that we must always pray for our leaders.

Smilingsal said...

Tell your grandchild that Congress's approval rating is even lower than President Bush's. I agree that we must always pray for our leaders.

PEA said...

I think a lot of us realize that we just can't spend all day blogging...with 128 blogs on my Bloglines, I'd have to spend 24 hours a day visiting everyone every day! lol

I actually watched the Inaugurations today...that's not something I've ever watched but there's just something about Obama that makes me hope that he does well. I think given a chance he will be good for your country. I know that here in Canada he is very well liked.

I can well imagine how worrisome it is when Mike isn't working and no money is coming in. Hopefully things will pick up again real soon.

You're so blessed to be able to see your grandchildren so often and I agree with you, they sure seem a lot smarter than we were at that age!! xoxo

Puss-in-Boots said...

I love that button at the end of your post, Sandy. Sounds like me some days.

Yes, your new President has a lot of hard work in front of him...however, I have the feeling he will be good, not only for America, but for the rest of the world.

Mary said...


Much of my day today was spent watching the Obama Inauguration and the festivities that went along with it. What a vibrant couple the Obamas are. I just finished watching them have their first dance at the Neighborhood Ball.

I think we are going to see many first with President Obama and his First Lady. I am keeping them in my prayers and asking God to guide him as your leader.

Take care and thanks for dropping by my Writing Nook.


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Wow... Sandy, I love your new look for Valentine's Day... the colors are so bright and cheerful!!!!

Your grand kids are smart and listen and remember things..I don't remember watching the news much when I was growing up... good for them..

It will be cold in the morning, so I will not go to Curves until later..
see you later. Hugs, Baba

Denise said...

Great post.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. I've been down with cough and colds but I'm slowly recovering.

It's nice to see your lovely theme. A wonderful reminder that Valentine's Day is just several weeks away.

I watched the inaugural of Pres. Obama on TV. It's a grand and wonderful celebration.

Deanna said...

Love your Valentine page! Very pink! Cute picture of the ducks too, poor little thing. Have a wonderful week!

Melli said...

IIIIIIIII know why you haven't been visiting your blogging friends so much lately!!! (do you want me to tell you?) It's called FACEBOOK! And yes... I'm jealous! LOL! But that's when you slowed down blogging was when you started up with Facebook! Sooooo... you must be enjoying THAT a lot more! :)

Those grandkids of yours are hysterically SMART! Boy! They will keep you in LINE, won't they? Whew! Can't get away with anything.

I WANNA play Canasta!