Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the Night before Christmas!!

Mikey in snow!!

Yes, and it was also the DAY before Christmas when we built a snowman here in Illinois!! The snow was coming down big and heavy this morning so it was easy to pack!! Great snow for making a snow man and for throwing snow balls.

Several of us got out early and starting making our snow man...She started out as a LADY and then turned back into a SNOW MAN!! My granddaughter Brie thinks that Frosty is a silly name for a snowman!! Okay...Well like her dad said it did pretty well in the song and movie business!! I don't know what she is thinks is the IDEAL name..maybe Sam or something like that...Hm!!! Only from the mind of a 19 year old!!

Well anyway...we made ourselves a cute little snow man...trying to find sticks for the arms was fun..but Ricky came up with the arms..Then we used gum balls for the eyes!! It turned out pretty cute..don't ya think??

Me; Katie; Brie, Julie and Ricky

Then we just played in the snow for a while!! After that we loaded up and left the kids at home while we went up by Chicago to visit with my cousin, Bonnie!! We had a great time there seeing her and her sweet hubby one more time.

We traveled back home with sloppy roads but no snow coming down for a change!! At home we had home made pizza and then played some games...Now we are back in our motor home. The temps have fallen once again to 3 degrees. One time today we did see 37 and it actually felt warm!! WOW!! Called back home today and they were in shorts and short sleeved shirts!! Oh Well..what we get for coming back to see family!! This is going to be my last winter here in this forsaken land!! So nice to see our family!!

Tomorrow is Christmas already!! WOW!! Can you believe!! This has really came fast this year.

I hope that everyone in BLOG LAND has a wonderful and happy Christmas!!



Denise said...

Wish I were there to play in the snow with you my friend, have a very merry Christmas. I love you.

Puss-in-Boots said...

It looks very pretty, Sandy, but if I were to come over and see you, I would prefer it to be where you normally the warmth, like here.

Peggy said...

Oh I wish I had your snow!!! Merry Christmas my friend. Have a wonderful visit with family and be safe coming home.

Melli said...

Merry Christmas Sandy! Christ's peace to you and yours! Have a blessed day!

Lady Katherine said...

Oh what fun! Love the snowman! Its great seeing one's family!