Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

Taken out of our window around Bloomington/Normal, Illinois

My thoughts for today are very cold and very sick!! This weather is ridiculous!! I am wondering every day WHY am I here!!?? I can only say it is because of FAMILY!! I know now why I moved away from here!! These people are very hardy and brave people so I guess that hubby and I have become "definitely un hardy"!!

Hubby, myself and my parents are staying next to our daughter's home in our motor home!! The home is pretty warm so that is a good thing!!

I have caught the worst cold!! I am miserable. I have tried all kinds of medication and now am taking that very very nasty Alka-Seltzer but it is helping my nose quite a bit!! It is hard to drink it..you need a chaser of something as you try to drink it.

Was good to see everyone though!! They all just keep getting taller and olders!! Hm!! WE stopped at Dairy Queen on our way up here. Here we were all bundled up in blankets and coats and eating an ice cream cone!! Sure was good though!!

Mother and Dad and their Dairy Queen and covered up in Blankets!!

This morning while out getting groceries...I thought OH NO pushing a grocery cart in the snow..again!! I never wanted to remember to do that again but looks like we were at it again!!

Mother and hubby shopping in the snow!!

This is just plain silly!! BUT we are with family and that is one of the things very Special about Christmas!! Right!! ??

WEll I feel lousy so this is it for today!! Just a little bit of sharing!! I have had a time getting on line so need to use it while I can!! Thanks for stopping by! I hope that everyone is having a greand week!!

Thought for the day:

"Life is simpler when you plow around the stump. "


PEA said...

But the snow is so pretty!!! hehe You poor dear, I guess not being used to so much cold and snow anymore, would make you feel miserable. Add a head cold to that and it's no wonder you feel so icky. Hopefully you'll soon feel much better and just enjoy your time with your family:-)

May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through! Merry Christmas to you and yours, dear Sandy. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, but I do hope you don't get sicker while you're there. Have a very Merry Christmas. And be safe.


FourOf5zs said...

I pray that y'all have a safe trip. It looks like an adventure so far... a cold one. It will be around 70° here in Albany tomorrow :-)

Merry Christmas!

Smilingsal said...

It's always a good time for ice cream.

Denise said...

Bless you sweetie, praying for you to feel better. I love you.

Melli said...

Ohhhhhh Sandy! I'm sorry! I will pray for you -- and you pray for me! I'm sick too! Here I am UP at 4:00 in the morning because my throat hurts so bad! I'm having a cup of Kathy's Lemon Ginsing tea -- that seems to help more than anything! I am WITH ya on that cold and wet and white stuff... I could be gotten into it -- but FAMILY is the ONLY thing that could drag me there! I'm not sure they'd get me to the grocery store though! You're a good girl...
Tonight is Christmas Eve... I've been sO looking forward to it... I HOPE I feel well enough to enjoy it! And I hope YOU do too!!!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. I do hope you feel better soon.

Wishing you and your family a memorable Christmas and a promising New Year. God bless.

Needled Mom said...

Oh dear....it looks cold too. I know that sharing Christmas with family is worth all the misery.

Have a safe trip home. Merry Christmas.

Linda said...

Sandy, at least you will enjoy a white Christmas and will be back in GA before you know it. Sorry to hear you are sick. Hope you feel better soon.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad your the one there and not your brother, ME!! Spoke with Mother last night on IM and seems like they are enjoying you and the trip. Your a good kid Sandy lot's better than your brother. I told them next year to buy a plane ticket. Ha. Merry Christmas to all and to all a warm night.

Ron (your brother)

Saija said...


Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh dear, Sandy, you have my sympathies having that nasty cold. Do try and stay warm and look after yourself.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas (sniffles and all) and that 2009 is everything you wish for.


Lady Katherine said...

The snow looks so fun, with the shopping carts! Did you go for a ride on one! lol Merry Christmas.