Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

I have a day off from sitting and listening to MRS. B!! I can now have some thoughts of my own today!! smile!!

I finally got the results back from my MRI from last week. The doctor again called me herself. She is so Impressing me by calling!! She told me that I have finally flunked a test. i have been trying to FLUNK for about 12 years now..why now i have no idea!!

The MRI shows that I have a herniated disc and a slipped disc on the L-3 and L-4 locations in my back. I have looked this up and see that once this happens it starts putting pressure on the nerves in your back..DUH!! Yeap finally!! Now we know WHY I am in such pain and have been for so long!!

I am waiting for the doctor to call back with an appointment at an orthopedic surgeon. Now we will see where this is going to go!! I would so LOVE to get rid of my pain!! I have put up with it long enough.

Also now my left knee has decided to once again start to give out. I am going for that Monday!!

My health stinks lately...I feel like a train wreck.

I am happy to have this great job with watching Mrs. B but it looks like I may have to give it up!! Tootsie may be taking it over!! She will do a great job!! I am going to try to hold out for one more week then maybe she can step in for me. I will hate leaving her but good health is more important that making good money...every time!!

The funny/weird thing about all of my health problems is that for some reason I am following my mother almost exactly!! She and I both started menopause at the age of 48...she has had the B-12 problem; the thyroid problem; right knee problem and even had to have an operation on the L-3 and L-4 vertebrae...How crazy is this....Now if I can just keep my gall bladder...She had hers out!! smile!! Crazy how gens or heredity works. My two daughters are wondering what will happen to them now!!

Beautiful day to be at home. Went to Curves for the first time in 2 weeks today and it honestly felt great!! My knee was not cooperating much but I made it work!! I hate to miss exercising but I cannot watch Mrs. B and exercise at the same time.

Sorry about all the complaining. I am just not feeling very flip floppy today!! Like I told Tootsie I feel like a train wreck and maybe I am...

Hope you my blogging friends are doing great!! I am hoping that you feel so much better than this old lady

Incidentally...this is my 994th post!! Can you believe!! Almost to my 1000th post!! I hope I feel like giving something away for that grand post!!

Gas prices are going down here..Our daughter just paid $1.79 this morning!! WOW!!

Take care ya'll!!



Smilingsal said...

I know that you'd rather not have such news, but at least there are solutions. I've had both knees replaced and spinal surgery.

Chris said...

And they call this The Golden Years :)


Linda said...

At least now you know what is causing the pain and there is a solution.

Wow!! $1.79 for gas. Ours is $2.24 and I think that's cheep.

Tootie said...

Thanks for stopping by my place and also for your kind comments. :-)

I know how you feel with the unending pain. I have battled with that for years because of arthritis. I was like you, and was sooo ready to do whatever it took to get rid of the pain. But, even after a surgery there were so many other places that were causing nerves to pinch, etc. I moved from the mid-west to Southwest Florida. Here I am in more sunshine, less stress and WAY less pain.
I hope they find a way to help you soon.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

have you ever considered chiropractic for the pain? i do know it helped me and saved me from surgery. a really good one can do wonders for those discs...

smiles, bee

Melli said...

$1.79??? WOW! We were Joy Jumping for $2.03 this morning! I can't WAIT to see those prices again! I'm thrilled with what we've got - but it just keeps gettin' better!

I'm with Empress Bee -- I would definitely look into chiropractic before allowing back surgery! But MY health stinks lately too! My LEFT knee is still bad... it gets "a little" better - and then it gets WORSE again - it's probably arthritis and I just don't want to go see a dr. and HEAR it! I also have had a bum left elbow that I've had since June! It's better than it was - but still not good! It's craziness! And I don't even want to talk about the weight... UGH!

It's sad you'll have to give up your little job. How did you happen to GET that job - you never told us that! :)

Denise said...

Sweet friend, you are very much in my thoughts and prayers.

Technonana said...

Sandy, I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling so unwell!! I hope the doctors can give you some relief soon!!
Praying for you in SC.

Lanny said...

Pain stinks.

I pray that God leads you in the right direction for you.

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm sorry to hear that. Hope the doctor can help you with your condition soon. God bless.