Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Show and Tell

Good Morning!! Already it is Friday again. If you would like to play just go to Kellis house...after you post your blog and sign up on Mr. Linky!!

I am trying to decide what to show you this week. Not many new things going on around here plus with feeling NOT the best it is hard to be creative....I think I will share SOME of my house plants this week!!

I have always LOVED African Violets. They remind me of
my Great Grandmother!! She had a table of them and
guess what so do I!!

This is my air plant that I bought a couple of so
years ago in Fla. Once a week you just put them
in a bath of water, let them sit for about an hour and
then put them back into any kind of dish!!

This is my crown of thorns that Lazy Daisy gave to me
when she moved from here in Savannah. I have always loved
this plant because of its significance. You can easily see the large
thorns that were placed on Jesus's head and then the little flowers
that will turn red for the drops of blood!!

I really need to take another picture of my tiny vines in our bathroom window
They are even fuller now than when this picture was taken. They
have found their home and love it there!!

I have always loved plants!! I get it from my mother!! Well if you have been reading my post you know that I get ALMOST everything from my mother!! Smile!! I do love them. When I was younger I had some of the prettiest plants. When I watered them I would talk to them and my hubby would think I was crazy...WELL IT makes them grow!! Also I think nice music is good for them too...BUT I think it also takes somewhat of a green thumb too..

Hubby bought me something this past week that i really love...

A red slow cooker plus a little fellow to put dips and things into (which i will never use). I used it this past week and made some good beef stew in it!! I, of course love the color. Have some fun color in your life this week..even if it is a slow cooker!! Smile!!

Well I am off to sit with Mrs. B this morning!! I got my afghan made that i was working on...Now to make dish cloths..i really love those. They are great for washing dishes. Plus it is about the only thing that i can really knit!! Smile!!

Have a wonderful Friday!! I hope that mine is a little bit less in pain...not much that i can do about that though..

Thought for the day: "Because we are HIS we cannot quit!!"


Melli said...

Yes... a little bit of a GREEN thumb is definitely important to the house plants... and the outside plants as well! This ol' black thumb of mine does NOTHING for them! I probably COULD handle the air plants ... but I've had them and even managed to kill a few of them! Pitiful really. But I think mine all came with instructions to "spritz" - I never heard the one about bathing once a week. I think I probably either over spritzed or under spritzed - but I managed to kill them all the same!

I do LOVE that snazzy crock pot - yes I do!

Peggy said...

Love your plants! You have the exact same crockpot as I do and I have never used the little either though I thought about simmering potpourri in it.

Smilingsal said...

I have those air plants growing on my palm trees outside. They don't hurt anything; they just look interesting.

Sandra said...

I never knew how to grow air plants... thanks for the info. Now I want one or two

Lanny said...

I feel like I was an air plant this week, sat in a tub of water and then removed.

I also have the very same crock pot. Walked past it in the store last year, remarked about it and then received it for Christmas from my then fourteen year old daughter. Last spring when I had the Romantic Influenza, the very same daughter put some Eucalyptus oil in water in it and put it by my bedside. Not a lot of steam like a vaporizer just the right amount and a good delivery of some healing herby oils and such. I am sure it is what pulled me through.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

honey i think you should pinch off lots of leaves on that african violet and feed it some bloom food. LOTS of indirect light too. then you should get bunches of blooms...

smiles, bee

Lady Katherine said...

Enjoyed your plants,and I love the slow cooker, I have not seen that one. I love the little one, I could use it! If you do a give away, that would be a great one.

Denise said...

I love your plants sweetie, and the slow cooker.

Heart of Rachel said...

Those are nice plants. My MIL has that kind of plant at her place. Interesting how it is called crown of thorns. I learned something new today. Thanks for sharing.

I love your red slow cooker.

Happy weekend Sandy!

Nancy said...

You really have some interesting plants. I love plants too. I think it just brings a different level of satisfaction that nothing else can.

I love your new slow cooker. Mine is out of date but still works. I just love the smell when you first walk into the kitchen. Great comfort FOOD!

Have a great weekend!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good morning Sandy, you sure do have a green thumb and all of your plants show it...I over water mine!!!

I got a cookbook from Southern Living that is all about great things to cook in a slow cooker..

Enjoy your Saturday.. hugs. Barb

Deanna said...

I haven't had plants in a long time. Not since we lived in Indiana. Yours are beautiful!
I LOVE the cat clock on your page! There was one just like that hanging in my grandparents cabin in the mountains in California. We always wound it up, set the time and got it's tail waggin' everytime we went to stay.
Hope you're having a wonderful week!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Sandy. I love your plants, they look so healthy. I think talking to them does bring its rewards. Prince Charles talks to his plants...much to some people's derision.

Sorry to hear you still have pain, I do hope it goes eventually. But it can be a real blight on the day, can't it?

Take care.