Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fun Sunday

Wish this would have been my day...but then again..Maybe not!! I have had a great day..Hubby and i decided to go get something that he needed for work and ended up at BEST BUYS!! They had a huge stack of the Wii's...I overheard another customer asking about the Wii fit so thought i would see where it was. When we all got there they only had 2 i grabbed the other one...The other customer got the one so I figured I better pick up the last one!! I think I could have re-sold that thing many times!! We kept thinking maybe we should check out quickly as others saw us have the Wii fit and kept asking us where it was. When we said this was the last one well you know they would just give you that...LOOK!! Out of that store quickly!! Smile!!

I went back over to hubby and said I thought I had better pick this we went ahead an got the Wii Sports game too....We had fun getting it put on our big TV downstairs and I have been trying to do the Wii fit...whew..It is telling me that I am not coordinated or on balance...Oh well..with my back hurting and my right knee hurting how could I be..ON BALANCE anyway!! It also told me that I am obese...course I already knew that BMI story from Curves...

I am a good bowler and a decent tennis player but not too good in the balance dept...guess you cannot be everything....

Hubby is having a nap while i am resting from too much exercise!! Smile!! We had two of our three kids call today and I bet that last one will call sometime soon too. She has been camping all weekend with friends and of course her family!!

Good to hear from our son in California. He seldom calls us so we miss him. He is about 15 miles from those bad fires. He says that they are awful. Those Santa Anna winds are the problem. He said that the winds are blowing the fires away from him. WHEW!! So many have lost their lives and their homes out there. We are so blessed!!

Hubby took me to Panera for lunch. I had a good bowl of broccoli cheese soup!! He is just way too good to me!!

I always hate to see the weekends fly by as they are always great here. I am feeling some better today but my knee is not good. I am off to the orthopedist tomorrow later in the afternoon. I am hoping for another injection of cortisone!! That always helps me a lot.

I have one more week to watch Mrs. B. I am not going to be doing it after this week because I just cannot sit like that so much. I hurt so bad when I am done and I have not been able to make it to Curves....Sure it is wonderful money but my health is more important than money!! Always will be. I am so tired after those 4 hours of listening to her talk and talk and talk. She demands constant and i mean constant attention. She is the sweetest lady!! I always feel so mentally drained when I leave there. Tootsie is going to take over for me after this week. I have really enjoyed meeting Mrs. B.

It has been a pretty day today with a lot of sun!! What more can you ask for in November. Julie said in Illinois it was snowing very lightly!! We will be seeing that this year if our plans go like we want them too and we go there for Christmas!!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Now for next week to begin.

Have you ever noticed two words in our English language and how they are made up....these two words are LIFE....and DEVIL....In the middle of LIFE is the word IF!! We never know IF we will have tomorrow or the next day but that is LIFE...then the other word..DEVIL...take off the D and you have EVIL...just exactly what the DEVIL is...i thought that was something else!! hm!! Just a short lesson in words this afternoon!! Smile!!

Have a good night and I hope your week turns out just the way you wish!!

Thougth for the day: "Never let the burdens of today cause you to forget the blessings of yesterday" Great advice!!


Peggy said...

William told me I should get wii fit so I could exercise. I just laugh at him. By the time I am finished with the days chores I am too tired to even watch someone else exercise. LOL Have a wonderful week and hope your knee gets its shot tomorrow.

Saija said...

i've never seen the wii yet ...

sounds like a busy time over there! then you could have stopped over here to sweep snow!

blessings on ya!

Needled Mom said...

Those Wii are great for a workout. Our kids brought theirs over for us to try. YIKES!!! The tennis and bowling were a real kick. I hear the boxing is a wonderful workout too.

Glad your son is oksy with all of these fires. It has really been something!

Anonymous said...

I bought a WII and all the extras for my granddaughter when she graduated, well we had so much fun with it, that I bought one for my house so when they came over our whole family could play with it. Then I bought the WII Fit, well they almost fought over that. So, now I have started buying them for the rest of the familes for Christmas. Here in Tampa Bay they are very hard to find though. I don't understand why they can't keep up with the demand, also they never go on sale either.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well i will miss hearing about mrs. b but understand. if you sit with her, don't feel like you have to answer every time, they don't mind if you don't, they just keep talking. when i realized this it was easier with mom...

smiles, bee

Jane said...

Sounds like you had a fun day. I am impressed that you are giving Wii a try. You go girl!!!

Melli said...

So you guys got a Wii, huh! That's great! I can just picture the two of you in front of the big TV bowling or playing tennis! LOL! I bet the grand kids will love it too!

I'm gonna hope that YOUR week (and mine) turns out just the way GOD wishes! If we go by MY wishes (or yours) we may miss out on some blessings!!! ;-)

You're prayed up gal! If you want cortizone, then I hope you get it! (I know it DOES help - but they're not gettin' NEAR me with it!)

Denise said...

I am glad you enjoyed your day.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I like Sundays. It's a day when I do rest...I don't do housework, only what I have to, like cooking and dishes. Oh, and making the bed...grin. Glad you enjoyed your Sunday, Sandy.

Smilingsal said...

My husband tried out the wii golf this past summer and didn't do so well. I guess you have to work it, like most other things.

Lanny said...

Flip Flop, there is a surprise for you at my blog come visit when you have a chance it is in the "Finishing Up Before the Season Ends" post.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Sandy. Harry is my grandson and Gabbie's half brother. They are my youngest daughter's children, she had Gabbie before she met Peter. Hope this clears it up.

Lazy Daisy said...

Hope you are feeling better. I cooked up a storm today. Got the freezer full and so I don't have to worry about cooking the rest of the week. Hope your balance is better and that you are on the mend. Miss you girl friend.

Mary said...


I also need the wii fit. It would tell me the same as it did you, I'm sure.

Sounds like you had a great Sunday and that is good.

The boys have a wii and really enjoy it. I have played bowling, baseball and tennis with them. It gets them off the couch and active.

Have fun with the wii, my friend.