Thursday, July 17, 2008


Thirteen things that are gradually disappearing in AMERICA!!
(got this in an email today..I cannot think up these things)

  1. The family owned and ran farm: We were farmers for a long time but could not stay in it! Just way too expensive!! Also both of us grew up on a farm!
  2. Analog TV: Soon..yes as soon as February 09
  3. Drive-Inn Theaters: I loved going to these. I found out that we have two around here within an hour from us. Great places for dating!! Smile!!
  4. Personal Checks: I have found out that they will be phased out completely by the year 2012!! WOW!
  5. Hand written letters: I always wrote letters but now with email!! We may never see people's handwriting!!
  6. Answering Machines: Hm!! I did not know that one
  7. Cameras that use film: Great idea as far as I am concerned
  8. VCR's: Really!! Guess something else is coming along
  9. Dial up internet Access: WE Americans do not like SLOW, do we?
  10. Movie Rental Stores: Okay I get this one because i LOVE NETFLIX!!
  11. Phone Land Lines: I can see this happening really soon
  12. Honey Bees: Where have they gone?
  13. Magazines: Really but I guess you can read them just as easy here on line!!
*** Number 14: Someone to vote for as President!!



Linda said...

I didn't realize so many things will no longer be available. VCR's were replaced with DVD players. I can also see phone lines being obsolete. I've been thinking about doing away with all the bells and whistles on my land line and just getting the bare minimum because I use my cell so much. It really seems a waste to pay for both.

Hootin' Anni said...

I can't wait for digital TV. It's February 17th, right?

Melli said...

Dennis will FREAK when personal checks disappear! He hates electronic payments. The man is sO stuck in the 70's! It's sad... really sad!

WE still have an answering machine. But I guess if land line phones disappear - then so will answering machines! EVERYthing will just go to voicemail! I guess that means we'll have to add another cell phone to our account to handle all the JUNK calls we don't wanna take! LOL!

Denise said...

Wow, great list.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Sandy, scary isn't it, what's disappearing.

We have digital TV here and it's great. I just bought a new LCD TV a couple of months ago and the picture is so sharp and clear.

Landlines, yep, I can see those going, as well as personal cheques. I haven't owned a cheque book for about 25 years!

Great list and something to really think about.

Denise said...

OMG...... life as we knew it...... I miss the America that I grew up with...... even the America that my boys grew up with... I am loving # 14..... how true is that.......

Maggie Ann said...

It makes you stop and think doesn't it. We just switched to Vonage phone service and are pleased with we have our cells'. We need to get converter? boxes. Hope you've had a nice day. =)

Alyce said...

Magazines surprise me...I love to flip through them..easier on the eyes than the computer screen..and great for the beach/pool.

Susan said...

So many of these things are things we never thought WOULD be obsolete!!

Have a great weekend Sandy!