Friday, July 18, 2008


Yes it is already!! Friday!! Not much going on here today!! But wanted to post at least something!! I have been out reading all of your blogs and seeing that a lot of you are on vacation!! Good for you!! Hopefully having a great time. We leave here soon too...that means I need to get out in the motorhome and do some work...well that is next weeks work!! Not today!!

Hubby is feeling some better now!! Had to stop by here and pick up more shirts!! He is just sweating so much!! I think it is probably good..Maybe getting that old cold out of his system!! It is hot here like always BUT we have been having rain and boy do we need it here!! My flowers are so happy!!

Went to Curves this morning and that was my outing for this day!! I sound so boring don't I? Well I guess that I am!! But happy so that is good!! Trying not to catch hubby's cold too!! Need to go spray some more Zicam up this old nose!!

No babysitting today because of the rain. Our son in law cannot power wash in the rain!! Not making much money this week!! Oh well..who needs money? smile!!

Looked worse than it really was!!

Soon..very soon we will be heading to Illinois to celebrate my dad's 90th birthday and my brother's 60th!! Finally my brother is getting into my decade..I am the oldest!! Guess I always will be!! smile!!

I am still having fun on facebook. Everyone should go and sign up!! It is fun really!! Nice to hear from my granddaughters this way!! I so miss my family!!

Have a great, wonderful, fun, calm, happy weekend...


Thought for the day: "Shallow your pride'll find it non-fattening!!"


Melli said...

LOL! Love your "button"! I saw all that rain down your way on the weather map! We're clear blue skies today - nothin' in site! But we've got a heat index in the 100's and thus "severe weather advisory". Mom is out with a substitute caretaker today (Tammy had car problems)... and I'm just cleaning bathrooms! UGH! I'm waiting for my last box of VBS stuff to get here so I can finish makeing my preps!

Julie said...

wow. looked like you really got rain. Is it from that tropical depression(is that what they are calling it?) that is out on the ocean?
We are suppose to get rain today and the weekend too. Hope so, it has been really hot!!!!

Nancy said...

Lucky you... the RAIN! It is just too far south to reach us.

I've thought about facebook. Both my kids have pages... that would be a good way to keep up with them.

I hope Hubby gets better soon. Take care that you don't catch it.

I hope you have a great weekend! said...

Facebook!! Kelly loves Facebook!! She loves it 100 x better then blogging and has tons of friends on it! I haven't tried it yet!
I have all I can do with Nancy's health to keep up with my blogging let alone trying something else right now!!!

But is so nice you enjoy it so much. Your blog looks so light and airy! So pretty! Love Grams

Alyce said...

Hi Sandy,
Thanks for coming by my blog. Actually I will be in your part of the world in the morning. We are on the road right now.. We vacation at Tybee Island. We'll spend most of the day tomorrow in Savannah. We are driving in rain now in NC. I am on can do a search..I've only logged on a couple times.
Take care and have a safe trip.

Denise said...

Glad your hubby is feeling better.