Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Things

You know i am just not good at Thursday Thirteen!! I just cannot think of 13 things to write about!! So...this week I am blank so just will concentrate on things!!

It is raining here today pretty hard too!! That is a wonderful thing for here in Savannah!! We seldom get rain so this is very welcomed here.

Have you ever had a day that You just had to get out of the house and GO SOMEWHERE? Well, that was my day today!! I could not find anyone to go with SOOOOO I just decided to get in the car and go!! I wish the beach wasn't so far away because that is where i would go...take a book, a chair and I am there...but it is too far from us!!

So I just drove and ended up at the Mall. I looked for some sort of gift for my dad's 90th birthday!! I cannot come up with anything to get for him. Dad and Mother live in a small apt so I just have no good idea on what to get him. I kept looking but did not come up with ONE little thing!!

I decided to look through sale clothes and see what I could find. I NEVER buy clothes unless they are on sale. Penney's had the best of the sales so I just stayed there and looked. I found a couple of tops that were marked WAY DOWN, pretty earrings...again on Clearance and a PJ set 50% off!! Kind of fun just to look and look and no one telling me where I was going or what i was doing!!

I topped off the afternoon with a BIG vanilla Cold Coffee from McDonalds!! I know it is probably just loaded with calories but I may not make it to tomorrow..WHO KNOWS!!

Hubby has caught a very bad summer cold and feeling terrible!! I hate summer colds!! They are so bad...they are worse than a cold in the wintertime!! I SO HOPE that he is better today!! I hate it when he is sick!!

Guess I need to get done here and run over and visit everyone!! Between blogging and having fun with facebook, well I am just trying to play catch up..BUT it is fun!! Take care and have a great Thursday evening!!

  • OH..I have a new blogger friend that I want to leave a note for: NANA TRISH...I cannot get to your site. I have tried many many times. Maybe email me and I can talk to you about it!!


Thought for the day: "Love that never gives up can hold on because of commitment. It looks past the circumstance and locks its gaze on the promise!"


Linda said...

Glad you didn't go to the beach today since its raining. Hubby loves McDonalds iced coffee and runs over to get one about every day. They are really good. Hope hubby gets to feeling better soon.

Melli said...

Mmm... sorry to hear Mike's not feeling well! Summer colds are awful! I think the heat just makes you FEEL worse! At least in the winter the air is crisp and helps with breathing!

Sounds like you had FUN by yourself at the mall! I wish I lived nearer -- we could have gone together -- or EVEN made that trek to the beach! I don't let a little thing like distance scare me! LOL! I do miss you... That's kind of the sad part about making such good blog friends... then we have to miss each other.

Denise said...

Praying for your hubby to feel better.

Just Keeping it Real said...

I stumbled onto your blog and your clever name caught my attention. After reading your's today I thought I would share with you what we got for my father-in-law's 90th. A digital photo frame loaded and ready to go with pictures of all his grand and great grandkids, his cows, his farm, days gone by etc... He has really enjoyed it and enjoyed showing it off. Just a thought. Hope your husband is better real soon nothing worse than a man with a cold! Take care and keep up the great blogging!

Maggie Ann said...

What is it about shopping that lifts the spirits? Its sort of relaxing and fun at the same time. Its like that for me in a bookstore. Time just stops and everything else ceases to be while I browse to my heart's content.

Deanna said...

The girls and I stayed home Thursday, but today we're off to the mall and Build-a-Bear! There wasn't any lightening on our side of town so the girls got to swim in the rain! They're having a great time together. It's going to be tough taking Mary's friend back to Florida in a couple of days. Enjoy your weekend!