Sunday, March 02, 2008

We R in Illinois

Just a short note to let everyone know that we are in Illinois now!! We got here about noon time just in time to meet my parents who were eating with their church family!! GREAT TIMING!!

It has been just beautiful here. It has been in the 60's today!! That is Illinois for just never know what kind of weather is going to happen here!! Hang around awhile and it will change!!

Two of my old friends from Bloomington, Illinois came this afternoon to visit with me. I was so happy that some people actually miss me after all of these years!! I have been gone for 7 years now...can you believe and they still want to see me.

Tonight we went to our favorite pizza place. Monical's Pizza!! I guess it originated in Indiana but I had thought here in Illinois. We always make it a point to eat there. GREAT pizza!! While I was there I saw a man that I graduated with from high school. He wants me to go tomorrow night to a reunion planning get together. I have my 45th high school reunion this year!! I guess if I go then I can say I came all this way to attend a class reunion planning session. My high school friend said that he would come and pick me up if I wanted to go. My honey says that this will be my first "pick up" after marriage. I said, "Now just how do you know this is my FIRST pickup?!!" smile!! You should always keep them guessin'.

I would love to come and visit everyone but it does not seem to be working. I am using my mother's computer as mine will not pick up any wireless anywhere. I will try to visit as soon as I can.



Melli said...

So, you've ARRIVED! Safe and sound! YAY! Enjoy the visit ... and the "planning session" *wink wink* LOL! You ALWAYS find an adventure - don't you?

Denise said...

Glad you arrived safely, enjoy your visit.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Sandy. Glad to hear you reached Illinois safely.

Now why shouldn't people remember and want to see you again. You're a lovely, genuine lady and of course, people will want to see you again.

I hope you have a wonderful time at your school reunion.

Take care.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. I see you're on the road again. I'm glad that you're taking time being with family and friends that you have missed so much. Have a wonderful time. Take care.

Linda said...

Glad you arrived safe and sound! What fun it would be to attend a reunion planning meeting. Have you been to many reunions? One of my best girlfriends from high school called me last night. I've only seen her once since highschool. It was so good to hear from her.

Enjoy yourself in IL.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good morning Sandy, I have got to get busy and get off of this computer this morning.First , I have to tell you what fun it is to travel along with you and watch Julie's new kitchen come into being..I visited her last night and wow.. she is really starting over with everything new...

Enjoy your visit with your parents and all of your family...

I am going to Curves when I get dressed..I hate to go and get on the scales..I know it will be up..You can not be gone for a month and eat the right way ;temptations everywhere....Oh..well..I can start all over again.

Take care ..I miss you and will see you later.
Hugs, Barb

Glo said...

So glad you arrived safe. No bad tires this time. Glad you get to help plan you 45th reunion. I helped with mine it's fun.
I wanted to tell you our Curves here in town gave us a months membership & a nice bag for our pageant.
Well have a great time with your family & your pick up.;-)

Nancy said...

Enjoy your visit and let us hear from you when you can get wireless.

How neat to connect with your high school friends... that will make a great post!

Betty said...

I hope you do get to go to your high school reunion. Wouldn't it be great to see all your high school classmates?

Peggy said...

sounds like you are having fun Sandy!