Saturday, March 01, 2008

We are in Kentucky tonight

Here we are!! We left this morning really early and now have made it from Savannah to Puducah!! We really have had a good day!! Just cruising right along...singing a song!! NOPE!! But listening to a lot of music!! All kinds!!

The weather has been gorgeous!! It got to about 60 today and the sun was just beautiful!! We have had to stop for gas a LOT !! BOY that is where the money goes...FAST!! Course we are pulling My honey's work trailer with his truck! The trailer is full of cabinets for our daughter's kitchen...WHEN I say FULL....I mean FULL!! I cannot believe he got all of those cabinets in that trailer but he did..good packer!!

We will be going to my parents in the morning. It looks like it should take us about 3 1/2 hours to get there!!

Just wanted to update you all on where we are!! Now I am going to go and see how many of you i can read about tonight. Take care..

Flip Flop in Kentucky!!


Denise said...

Love you my friend, safe traveling graces to you.

Denise said...

Come play, I have tagged you.

Julie said...

Put up a couple of pictures of our progress yesterday. My house is a disaster area!!! Can't wait to get it done.
Hope you are having a good trip. Drive safe!!! Tell gpa and gma hi for us!!

Gattina said...

I try to follow your trip because it brings up my souvenirs, lol ! When I think how cheap gas was in the 90th !!

Glo said...

When you go ya gotta have Go-Go juice. That"s what we called gas in my day....I know your not old enough to remember that,cause your not as old as me.;)..Have a great trip. It's 71 degrees here today and they say in 12 hrs we will have snow again.....low tomorrow is to be 19 degrees. That whay I can't seem to get over this cold.

Melli said...

Puducah! I LIKE that name! I wanna live in Puducah! LOL! Floozie - you are gonna wear those flip flops OUT with all this travelin' you are doing! I'm glad y'all are safe! Stay that way and have fun! You are prayed up!

Needled Mom said...

If I was in your vehicle I would make you stop in Paducah for the great Hancock's of Paducah quilt shop. Someday I would love to see it.

Safe journeys.

Julie said...

hahahahaha very funny comment. It has not been fun tearing that stuff out. And we are eating sandwhiches and chips and microwave food. Not a fun week i'll tell ya that. Can't wait to get it done!!!!:)

Betty said...

I guess you are at your distination by now, Sandy. And to think, you probably passed within a mile and a half of where I live.

Maybe you'll get better gas mileage going back Savannah than you did going.

Have a fun, safe trip.