Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Memories

Last night while trying to get to sleep i started thinking about how much fun my childhood was. I also was thinking that we did not have much at all in the way of "things" to play with like the kids do today. What did we ever do then?

Ron and I made up things to do. We used something that sometimes i wonder if the kids have is called IMAGINATION!!

From the first that i can remember we would sit at night (mostly) and listen to the great programs on the radio. We would all sit in front of it (preparation for TV I guess) and listen to the good programs that came over the wires. We would hear things that we had never heard about and try to imagine what the people looked like. We had to figure out on our own what people looked like. I remember later on in life finally seeing what some people looked like and I could not believe it. I had not had them pictured like that!!

Ron and I would play games. We made up things like circus. We would go outside and take Mother's clothes line poles that she used to keep the clothes line up. We took them and put them between two things..anything that would hold them. We would use that as our tight rope walker rope!! We would get up there and perform. Another thing we would do is to take a board and put it across the wagon and use that as our teeter totter!!

We played house a lot with dolls and anything that we could find. One time when we lived in the "middle" of the country we had an extra little shed. We took that and made it into a house for us. We had a table and dolls and a real throw rug on the floor. One day I decided it was time to clean. I pulled the rug up and there laid a BIG snake. Well, there went playing in that little shed!!!

We usually had a tree swing. To this day I love a good long tree swing!! So much fun!! We would swing and swing by the hours. My dad would make us a board swing but a lot of the times we had a tire swing!! When it rained it filled with water which did not make swinging the best idea in the world.

We would go to our ditches and look for anything that would be fun to look for. Funny the things that we did. We only had a wagon and bikes.

I have told you already about playing cowboys and Indians. How I hit Ron in the back of the head to see if it really did work like it did when the cowboys did it!! Hm!! It worked!!

Dad would make us kites which always flew so nicely. They would have long long tails that mother would make with rags. He also made us stilts! He would take two pieces of wood and put foot holds on each one. Then you stand on them against a building and start walking. We had such fun with those. Now I would fall off and break something!!

We always had some sort of animal...dogs, parakeets, cats or later on sheep, pigs and chickens. They were fun to play with too. We would get in the barn with a baby pig and have a ball with the little squealer. Such fun!! I remember Petie our parakeet. He would fly all over our little house and land on the side of Dad's glasses. We had an old medicine cabinet in the kitchen. He would light there and see himself and talk up a storm. Mother taught him to say, "Pretty Boy". He was really into himself. Then he started chipping off the chrome or paint that was around the glass. He sure was a sweet bird!!

Now kids have to have their DS Ninendo with them everywhere they go. TV is wonderful. Computers and all that go along with that is wonderful too. We are in the technology age. I love technology...nothing wrong with it...but what happened to good ole' fun bike riding, skating, running and playing?

Our two grands here in Savannah do that all of the time. They are always outside playing, riding, running or doing something that is fun!! I am glad to see them doing those fun things of long ago. They love computers and technology too but they still love being outside and playing too.

Memories are flooding my head lately. Does getting older make that happen? Hm!! I am getting one year older this Wednesday!! I also get a day off too!! YES!!

Just came home from getting a B-12 injection at my daughter's house!! Maybe it will pep me up...soon I hope!!



Lazy Daisy said...

We used to come up with the best games and wild inventions too. We could entertain ourselves. I know Garrett and Miss Maddie have great imaginations too.

Let me be the first to wish you Happy Birthday tomorrow. Wish I could be there to celebrate you.


Denise said...

I love reading about your memories.

Melli said...

Well... right now MY Monday Memory revolves around Cheeseburgers and turkey cheese sandwiches!!! I MISS FOOD already!!! I wonder how long it really IS going to be before I can "eat" again... I'm really feeling for our Daisy!

I remember playing like you did when you were a kid -- and THANKFULLY that was how MY kids played too! They had Nintendo's and such -- but MOSTLY they liked being outside -- and my boys ALWAYS had a tree house they were building. I don't recall one ever actually getting completed! But they were always building! It was good for them! And they spent a lot of time riding bikes and big wheels up on the circle, and drawing with chalk up there too! And then we had the playground in our yard... they played there a lot too! Good stuff! Yes indeed!

Glo said...

Aren't memories and imaginations great.

Carolyn said...

What memories! they are very similiar to ones I have of my childhood. My mom had a picture of me "tinkering" with my little red wagon. And we had a shed that I would play house in too. And a swing. But, I was an only child, so I had to depend on neighborhood kids to have someone else to play with.

Happy Early Birthday.

Not connected to your birthday, but I do have something over at A Prairie View for you...

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Sandy, we do have great childhood memories....I loved jump rope and Jacks the most..hop scotch was also fun..Your birthday is the day after Emma's...I took her to ballet today and enjoyed watching the girls...Have a good night... hugs, Barb

Betty said...

You took me back in time with your post for today. I remember doing a lot of the things you have talked about here. I am glad I experienced those things.

Susan said...

Entertaining is something that some kids just don't know how to do without a plug or batteries! Hey, I hear it's your BIRTHDAY! Happy happy birthday to sweet Floozie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love ya!

:-) Susan

Hootin' Anni said...

Stilts!!!! Oh my dad made me a pair. After I got skilled....boy howdy they were fun! Oh golly ---our kids today miss out on all this.

Melli said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday DEEEEEAR Sandy!
May Jesus Bless you!!!

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing these childhood memories. They brought back a lot of mine. I use to love playing jacks on our front porch. Wonder if you can still buy jacks?

In case I'm not here bright and early in the morning, hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Laura said...

A little birdie (or maybe it was a Daisy) said it was your birthday...Hope you have a GREAT one!

By the way, I post a memories post every's fun to go back and pick thru my growing-up years!

Gattina said...

I think that is the way of progress and life. I am sure my grandma said the same of me and her grandma found her games also too modern. I rember my grandma saying that "at her time" she didn't have what I all had to play with, but when I see the kids today I was a poor orphan !
But now to the most important thing :

Anonymous said...

Oh yes those were the days, so nice to read about your memories, they were fun. I remember how we use to get in the yard and turn flip flops, that was fun too. Me being a cheerleader at one time, guess I thought you both needed to learn to do that too. So nice to know you have such wonderful memories of your Dad and I, we appreciate that so much. Glad you are still knitting, it just takes time to learn, but know you can, proud of you not giving up. Bring on the yarn and will see what I can do to help you out this next month. Happy Happy Birthday dear daughter, seems only yesterday you were just a little baby I held in my arms and played with. You are a lovely daughter and we wish the best for you. So have a good one and see you soon. All our Love Mother & Dad

Nancy said...

Your "imagination games" sound so much like my childhood! When I taught Kindergarten- I had to help them play those "imagination games"... it is such an important part of brain development.

We had a radio just like yours!

Thanks for sharing... this brought back great memories.