Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pooped Weekend in Savannah

Hello blogland gang!! Just me your ordinary Southern Gal that has way over done her amount of energy that has been allotted to her!! WHEW!! This getting older is not fun at all!! My energy level is way lower and getting that way every day. Our daughter told me that she has a B-12 injection at her house that she was using but had one left that she does not need....Ya' think I need it? Perhaps!!

This weekend has been spent being LAZY all yesterday but attending church too!! I was just too pooped to do much else!!

Today I had some of that "lost energy" back so we have been working and working on our motor home for hours now!! Hubby cleaned the outside and windows and I cleaned the inside and windows. I even decided to clean the upholstery!! What a dope...right? But it does look better. When the motor home sits for a while it just needs refreshing and some cleaning. We are planning on leaving here on the 1st of March to go back to Illinois.

We will stop and see my parents for a couple of days. They want us to help them with some things. Then we will go on to our daughter, Julie's house and put in some new kitchen cabinets and countertops for her. She is really looking forward to that!! I know that I would be too.

Hubby's jobs are few and far between as they have been since Christmas. He is working for 4...yes FOUR Lowe's stores now and can hardly get any work at all. I think that people have really decided to cut back lately. He does get some countertops but that is about it. He has been home more than he has been working.

But this old lady is working almost everyday. I really think that is what is "wearing me out". I am not used to it. Better get 'used to it' soon!!

I am going to be older this week too!! You know it is just a number. My good blogging buddy told me today that...."You can’t turn the clock back, but you can wind it up"...she told me to get busy and wind it up!! Thanks Marion. I also got some wonderful news from Marion. She is coming to Georgia all the way from Wales, England to visit another blogger friend. They are going to come to Savannah so that I can meet all of them. I am just so excited!! When I heard the news this morning I was yelling..just ask hubby!!

I am also so very very happy that our friend Daisy (Lazy Daisy) is doing so well. We both prayed for her yesterday. I knew she would be fine but she was scared as well as we all would be. I just hope that the next time i get to see her that i know her. Course she will be with Mr. Wonderful so that will help immensely!!! smile!!

I almost forgot...I was going to tell you just how God does work even when work is not coming in. Yesterday we received a check...actually 2 checks in the mail. It said that we had OVER PAID!! We needed those and now we have that one bill paid that needed paid!! SEE!! God is good!! Just go with the flow and trust and have faith and all will work out!! We have seen this so much in our life time but it sure is great when it happens again!! Thank you God!!


Melli said...

Ohhhhhhh Sandy! I really really thought things were going to look UP for Mike when you said he had that FRIEND working for one of those Lowes! Man! I keep praying for you guys... I think in the spring home improvements will probably pick up again. I think the time between Christmas and Easter is probably always a BIT slower, isn't it? I wish he could get a commercial job - like a housing development!

Well... hang in there kiddo. God IS good! One more time, you've seen it! And at least this gives you the opportunity to go visit the family... a little blessing on the side... right?

Denise said...

I am lifting you up in my prayers sweetie.

LadyBugCrossing said...

I wish I had some extra cash - I need cabinets in 2 bathrooms and my downstairs laundry/bathroom!! I'd love to have him put them in!
Hopefully your sweet Mr. will have more work than he can handle soon.

Susan said...

I'm praying that the job opps look up soon. How neat that your blogging friend is coming across the pond to see you! I love it that Savannah seems to attract bloggers!

Get some rest, my friend, and take care of YOU!!

:-) Susan

Lazy Daisy said...

Love mail box experiences that involve money. We certainly have had our share of them. Know we pray every day for you both. Thanks for the call yesterday...made me miss you more.

Hope you are back to your bouncy (but not on any trampolines...self again!)