Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pre-Birthday GIFTS!!

It is late..I am tired...but better these days!! Just wanted to show off two of my great gifts that I have received for my birthday. I have received several cards too...wow!! People LOVE to see me get one year older....

The cute purse I received in the mail from my cousin and sister (you wonder how that happened..long story!!) Isn't it just the cutest for this FLIP FLOP FLOOZIE GAL!! I cannot wait to carry it this Spring and Summer!! She was so thoughtful to think of me!! Her birthday is the 24th!!

The pink sweatshirt is from Tootsie!! She knew that we were going back to the cold cold weather in a few days so thought this would be great for me to have!! See yet another thoughtful friend!! WOW!!

Oh i forgot..My parents gave me money so I spent it on something that we wanted. I have been wanting a mirror to go over my old vanity. I found this one!! Isn't it pretty!! I thought that would be a good way to spend my birthday money. It sure made my vanity look so much better!! I also bought us some pretty new towels!! It is always fun to have some NEW towels to make things look a little better.

As I said I am feeling better!! My daughter gave me a shot of B-12 so maybe that helped!! I feel so much better for some reason.

Take care and stop by tomorrow for my birthday!! I will try to have cake and punch for everyone!!

Flip Flop!!


Jane said...


I hope your day is full of joy and love. Enjoy it all, eat it up, you deserve it!

PEA said...

Omigosh, I thought I had missed your birthday!! Whew, good thing it's only tomorrow! lol I wasn't sure when your birthday was, only knew sometime in February. Looks like you're off to a great start with those wonderful birthday gifts:-) Glad to hear you're feeling better as well.

Sandy, I so enjoyed reading your previous post as well...it's so true, when we were children we used our imagination and could play for hours and hours! These days, children don't seem to know what "imagination" is!

I will be back tomorrow...I can't resist birthday cake, you know! hehe xoxo

Melli said...

AWESOME! I LOVE that handbag too! Too cute! I'm sure the sweatshirt will be perfect in the days ahead too -- we are supposed to get wet white stuff tomorrow. UGH!

Well... it LOOKS like I should have LEFT your birthday celebration UP today when I had it there -- because NOW Blogger is NOT letting me upload! They won't let me upload my Wordless Wednesday photo either!!! Grrrrr... I'm sure I'll get it all up sometime in the morning though -- I'm about ready to hit the hay for tonight!


YellowRose said...

Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have had a wonderful day!

Denise said...

Really lovely gifts.

Susan said...

OK you've set me straight...I couldn't figure out WHEN it was...for some reason I thought it was TODAY. Anyway, why not just celebrate for the entire week??? You deserve it!!!!! Happy happy birthday.


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Sandy!!! I hope it's an awesome one!!! (((HUGS)))

Betty said...

I just love the bag with the flip flops on it. It is darling.

I hope you have a good birthday tomorrow. You are off work tomorrow, and that's a great start to a happy birthday.


Mar said...

It seems I am a bit early, Melli told us it's your big day and I will be back for some cake :)
Love seeing your presents!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good morning Sandy,Wishing you a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"....when we both get back home,I will take you to lunch...Have a wonderful day.
Hugs, Barb

LadyBugCrossing said...

Happy Birthday!!

Lazy Daisy said...

Some one like you needs to be celebrated every day. Glad you are getting back some of your energy. Miss you.

Mary said...


Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day. You received some lovely gifties and I do love your mirror and new towels. Which reminds me, I need to buy some to spruce up my bathroom. Really, I need a renovated bathroom but for now a little paint and towels will have to do.

I didn't know you'd been ill and am glad to know you are feeling better.


Mary said...
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Peggy said...

Happy Happy Birthday Dear Sandy!! Have a great one

Glo said...

Love that purse...It's so you. Maybe your daughter could pass the B-12 around. I think mine is just winter blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas Hope you have a great day tomorrow.