Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pictures on how to










STEP #10



Peggy said...

you make it look so simple but mine don't look very good. will practice somemore. thanks

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Always remember PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!! don't give up...if I can do it anyone can!!

Flip flop!!

Melli said...

ROFLMBO!!! Well... I never! LOL! I actually DO fold the fitted sheet just like that! But then I just fold it up into it's own little package and the top sheet into IT's own little package and stack them both with the pillowcases in my hutch. But I guess now I'm gonna HAVE to do it this way -- cuz I'd really never even THOUGHT of this before! I'm just not sure I'll want to take the time to lay things out on the floor and flatten everything PERFECT every time! Are sheets really THAT important??? LOL! Well... wait... obviously Tootsie thinks so! How did you happen to discover that she HAD this masterful way of folding sheets? Sandy... were you SNOOPING in her closets???? *G*

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm definitely going to have to try this when I have time and my eyes are not getting heavy!! I'm thinking you need to figure out how to do a video and add it on here.

:-) Susan

Anonymous said...

Nice! I've already sent the link to some friends!!

Kimmy said...

You make me smile! I just read the email you sent and had to check out the link to folding fitted sheets. You crack me up... (and I must say... I'm not sure once I get down on the floor I can make it back up. Will you make house calls? ;)

What made me smile even more and go AWWWWWW!!!! inside was seeing the two recliners side by side. How precious is that?!?! 47 years together... and you still want to be that close ;) Seriously though... it made my heart smile!

Anonymous said...

OM GOSH! I did it!! wow,

I too have never been able to do that even when martha stewart tried to show me how via her tv show! lol lol but now I can and they look great I was so tired of having one side of my linen cupboard filled with squished up fitted sheets. lol lol lol

Sandy thank you! thank you! great post.:o)

(ps we did get a little rain and glad you like my sheep photo!)

Anonymous said...

Sandy, Not only am I well and truly impressed I’m hungry too, all this talk about buns, bread and sandwiches.

OK, I’ve got the folding sorted now, but there is one problem I’ve never been able to solve with fitted sheets. Do please ask your friend Tootsie, she’s bound to know “How do you iron the corners neatly beforehand?” Don’t tell me not to bother, ‘cus I’m the type that has to iron everything. This is why I usually stick to flat cotton sheets, they iron so beautifully and stack so neatly in the cupboard and what is nicer than climbing into a freshly made up bed with crisp cotton sheets. Delicious I’d say. Thanks for the tutorial. Marion

Jennifer said...

You Martha Stewart you!!! You make it look effortless!!
Love you...

Jane said...

You and Tootsie need your on "Do-it-yourself" TV show--"How To Make a Sheet Sandwich". What do you think?

I agree, do a video and put it on your blog so we can see you do it in real time.

Anonymous said...

My Suzy taught me....she learned from Martha Stewart so you'll have to tell Tootsie she's the Cayoun Martha Stewart!
happy folding! Daisy

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh dear!!! You mean to tell me you actually use the floor to fold your sheets?

My hubby would have a cow if he saw me crawling around on the carpet to fold clean sheets!! What with two cats and both of us tracking the floors!! I use the folding table by the laundry section in our home.

Personally, I fold them quite a bit like them, and they're ending up the same size when they are packaged....but the most important thing for me is to dry my bedding outdoors!!! I love the fresh air smell. Something about drying them in the dryer just doesn't give it the 'smell' of cleaness.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing sheets tomorrow. I can't wait to try this out!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi again...
Aha!! Okay, gotcha. Now I get it...not actually ON the floor. *giggles*

And I got a kick out of she has no kitties, just a husband. LOL

AND!! I forgot to mention the previous time, Happy Anniversary!

I also can't believe having an association that doesn't allow being able to hang clothes outdoors...what a gyp.

Thanks for explaining.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

That seemed comlipicated!!!

Actually we don't have fitted sheets like that over here, so there is no problem to fold them either :-)

on the Rock said...

Oh! I get it now! Fold them into each other! Great idea!

Terry said...

Dear Flip Flop...Yeh!! That's it! Your post has jogged my memory. Tomorrow when I go to Miss Katy's I will have to look me up a folded sheet!! Then I will try again.

To tell you the truth, it took me a bit before I even read your directions because I was admiring how slim you have gotten!! I do hope you are not starving yourself. You are like my dad. Every time he decides to lose a little weight, he buys up a lot of butter tarts and all kinds of other sweets and feeds it to US!!! ......Love Terry

Yvonne Kibbee said...

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