Saturday, January 06, 2007


I will be married in a few days to the SAME man 43 years!! OOOPS!! WOW!!! That is a VERY LONG time...AND I have NEVER been able to fold these SILLY fitted sheets!! I just stuffed them together and said..DONE!!
My neighbor and friend Tootsie does a great job. The other day when my sheets came out of the dryer I stood there with them in my hands ONCE again for the millioneith time!! This time I just kept walking and ended up at Tootsie's house.
ME: "Here I am. Show me how to fold these silly things like you do." Toots: "Okay, here we go!" So I thought I would share these pictures and instructions with you...It may take two blogs to do it but here goes:

  • What you want to do it make a SANDWICH with the flat sheet being the bun or the bread. Take the top of the sheet (the head) and fold it to the bottom (the foot); then bring the right side across to the left side and lay it flat on the floor or the bed with the pretty side at the top (like a lacy top or in my picture a pretty purple line)Step #1/ Step #2
  • Next you take your fitted sheet. This is where the cupping comes in. Take two corners and put them together and then take the other two corners and CUP them together. Make sure you really stick them in there and form a GOOD crisp corner...Step #3
  • Now take the sheet and lay it down with the white elastic face up in front of you as per the picture. Fold the side with the elastic from right to left making the whole sheet into a square form. Step #4
  • Now take the left side and fold it over the right side covering up the white elastic. This will make a neat little long package. This is the FILLING...Now you can insert your pillow cases which will be the CONDIMENTS (or ketchup, mustard or whatever you like on your sandwich)Step #5
  • Pick up your filling and lay it on top of the bun/bread putting the filling right below the pretty heading (mine has a purple line). Step #7
  • Take the flat sheet (the bread) and fold it over the filling (the fitted sheet) making an oblong package. step #8
  • Now take your hand and divide this little sandwich package into 3's or however big your want your package/sandwich to be. I divided mine into 3's (per picture) step #9/#10
  • Look at your neat little package you have now!! Yippee I did it!! step #11 Tootsie would just let me get one done and then come over and shake it all out and make me do it again and again and again!!! I came home and refolded all of my sheets this way. I have a neat looking closet now. ANY QUESTIONS?????

Blogger will not let me post any pictures so the only thing I can think to do is to make another post with the I am afraid I will have to do that.....


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