Monday, January 08, 2007


It is MONDAY once again and I am behind doing my "MONDAY MEMORIES". This is a great week because I have a GREAT MONDAY MEMORY!! I was not around for the beginning of this GREAT MEMORY...Obviously!! But I came in about a year later!! My dad likes to say that they were married on January 12, and I came along on February 20th...He forgets to tell everyone it was the "following year" (he is a little bit onery)!! It keeps him young at heart!!

This coming Friday they will be celebrating their 63rd wedding anniversary!! I think that is something to be very very proud of especially in these days where it seems that NOONE stays together anymore!!

The above pictures I believe were taken in 1944 or in 1945. I know the one on the right was taken in 1945 because that is me in that one....I thought these were great pictures!! I could not find their engagement picture because they have it in their scrapbook that I made for them.

This is the way that they both look today and I might be prejudice but I think they look mighty good for 88 and 82 don't you? They are both very healthy.

On December 31st 2006, my dad got pneumonia and my brother and mother had to rush him to the hospital. He almost did not make it but God was not finished with him yet. I heard a saying the other day that goes, " If we're still here, God's still working!!" I believe that in my dad's life. He was in the hospital for a few days and is now back home. Mother caught a cold too and it has wiped both of them out. It is going to take time for them both to recover from this but they will. I have every faith about that happening!!




gramma_s said...

A big CONGRATULATIONS to your mom and dad, that is soooo great. Do they have a secret to what made their marriage last so long? What do they advise?
BTW, did I understand you right? that you were born on Feb. 20, 1945? I was born on Feb. 20, 1942.

Melli said...

Sandy... you're parents were a handsome couple in 1944 - and they are STILL a handsome couple TODAY! And yes, they look VERY good for their ages ... and quite lively and spry! And I know your mom DOES read your blog from time to time -- so to Mr. and Mrs. Sandy's Parents ... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! 63 is QUITE an accomplishment! And I'm sure it took a lot of hard work! (with a lot of good times thrown in!)

63... that really IS amazing!

Anonymous said...

They are adorable!!

Please give them both our best wishes from all of us here at The Crossing!

Jane said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW...that is SO sweet. They are an adorable couple and I know you are thankful to have them still with you.
Pass along my best wishes.

Lazy Daisy said...

Wow what an accomplishment! I thought making it to your 50th anniversary is a big deal. They look great. Hugs and prayers for continuing good health.

Anonymous said...

Wow 63 years! That's wonderful! I don't know if I can put up with my hubby for that long...LOL!!!

Norma said...

Great photos. And your mom was wearing slacks in 1945. That's one bold mama! Great memories.

My Monday Memories this week is about a hymn book from the 1870s. Stop by and take a look.

Hootin' Anni said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Sandy. I've just melted inside!! What a super wonderful memory. And such a great, loving story. Looks like your father was in the Army Air Force? I'm not sure what the uniform is tho. What a beautiful couple.

I'm sure they're proud of their lives together, as they should be!!! That is just one awesome feat. Hard work, sad times, good times, and more hard work keeping a good marriage such as theirs together!!!

And of course, no doubt YOU are just as proud of them!!!

Happy Anniversary---may you two, Mr. and Mrs. Sandy (hehehehe) enjoy many many years of togetherness to come!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey that is a good one for Monday, thank your blogger friends for all those wonderful comments, they made our heads swell.hehe. Thanks Sandy for setting everyone straight on your Dad's comment about us being married in Jan and you born in Feb, he is such a joker. Will always remember this one, thanks so much, just wish we felt better but getting better everyday. Thank you all you bloggers out there, we hope to make it to 64 too and maybe farther. Love Mother & Dad.

Anonymous said...

Wow...that is an awesome story!! My Grandparents were married 60 years. It is so neat to see marriages that LAST!! Your parents look VERY young AND so happy still.

Hugs to all of you!!

:-) Susan

Terry said...

Dear Flip Flop...I am so glad that your dad is feeling better after his being in the hospital
Sixty-three years? Neither one of them looks a day over 70!!
A Happy Anniversary to them from Bernie and Terry!!...Love Terry

Anonymous said...

WOW! That is totally amazing! 63 years. Please tell your mom & dad congratulations from an admirer!

Anonymous said...

WOW! That is totally amazing! 63 years. Please tell your mom