Saturday, November 04, 2006


Lazy Daisy, Becki and myself went out Friday looking and looking for pictures of WINDOWS since we knew it was the theme for today!! We had the BEST time looking for different kinds of windows!! We saw stained glass...we saw beautiful curved windows....Lazy Daisy ran up to people's houses and took pictures without EVEN asking....believe that...yeap I do... WHAT FUN!! I saw the back of this house in downtown Bridgewater, Virginia and thought it was great for this theme today. I stood in the middle of all the windows and Daisy took the picture for me!!

Melli is at our home!!!!!...(INSANITY PREVAILS!!) HAVE A FUN WEEKEND!!! WE ARE!!!



on the Rock said...

What a fun trip!

celebrating life and family said...

great picture This week was a hard one to find windows for i think. Found one though. Have fun!!!

Carol said...

I was reading Melli's blog..LOL. Looks like you all are having a wonderful time together. Enjoyed your photo and comments. I think it's so great you are all able to meet.

Mine is up now.


Barbara said...

You ladies know how to have fun! I can only imagine all the laughter!

Wystful1 said...

Hi Sandy...Happy Sunday! I just now am trying to catch up on who visited with me yesterday...I'm in the beginnings of doing some more 'make-overs' of our home. The 2nd bathroom this week and next if all goes well! And I seem to be floating in old wallpaper shreds right now...they're tracked all over the house. hehehehehe

I'll have to go over and visit with Melli when I get a chance...but I wanted to make sure I visited with ones who stopped by my place before I get busy again today.

Sounds like a blast. I think it's funny that she took pictures of others' windows without permission....MY KINDA lady!! LOL

Happy Sunday, and thanks for the visit.

Jane said...

Great picture. I know you are still having fun, it's OK, I will just sit here and pout!!
BTW, I love your new 'fall' look on your blog.

Twisted Cinderella said...

great pic for the theme!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

That's a lot of windows yes! I wasn't prepared of that you all would have time to blog, I thought you just should talk to each other ;-)

Anyway, I'm sure you're having a blast and that's just so fun for the rest of us too :-)

Melli said...

Oh Sweety! I can't comment in the post above! (the trip home post) I don't know why - but it's not bringing up the "comment" page -- it's bringing up an error page for me... but I see two people have commented to it ... so I don't know why I can't! (stupid blogger!) Well... I can't IMAGINE what fun you're referring to that we shouldn't share -- but I will put up more memories about the trip when I get home from work and Curves today. ( I can't WAIT to get back to Curves! I know you can't either!) It WAS great, GREAT fun this weekend! I WISH we could do it every weekend! We have all been SO blessed to have been given the time we were though!!! We WILL do it again ... in Savannah next time!