Friday, November 03, 2006


Our BIG BLOGGER DAY finally came!! Miss Daisy and I got up EARLY and got all gussed up and ready to go, go, go!! We were so excited to get on the road and get the party going!! We traveled down down the road and picked up our other blogging friend Beckie and headed for the open highways on our way to a wonderful day...a day of meeting new blogging friends!!

It took us a little over an hour to get to our destination and just a little bit of time to find where we were to meet. Lady Bug was already there waiting for us!! We found her and hugs were given out all around!! It was so much fun to finally get to meet her for the first time!! Such a sweet young lady...and so pretty too!! I just knew that she would be of course!! You learn so much from reading each others blogs!! It is just amazing how you just automatically know each other and can just sit right down and have the BEST conversation!! AND we did just that!!

We were having the best conversation. We knew that Melli was about 30 minutes away. We wanted to get her an axe to prove that we WERE AXE!! So off to TARGET we went. We got into TARGET and asked if they had a plastic AXE!! Just what you ask for at TARGET!! Right? We finally found a plastic long sword thingy!!!

We drove back to our meeting place and found that Melli had made her way there!! We all jumped out of our car and hugs all around once again!! What fun!! I never thought that I would get to meet her!! With her living so far away from me how would I ever get to meet her ever!! AND here I am meeting her and also LADY BUG and BECKI too!! Boy!!

We decided to go eat!! We told our waitress that we wanted to just talk and told her why!! Most of us had just met for the first time, why and HOW!! They were all nice to us there!! We had the longest lunch that I have had EVER...I think!! WHAT FUN!! Talking and talking...Pictures and more pictures!!

Lady BUG had to leave early!! We hated to see her go but we knew that we had to part sometime!!! I really, really enjoyed meeting her. Such a sweet young lady!! Have I said that before!!

We took Melli back to her car and on the way there she decided that she had not seen us enough...SO she decided to follow us back to Lazy Daisy's home!! GUESS WHAT!!! MELLI IS STAYING the night here with us!! WE ARE SO THRILLED!! HONORED and just plain having a GREAT TIME!! I still cannot believe that she is here with us. We had a great dinner tonight at Daisy's house with Mr. Wonderful and Melli!! We have been exchanging pictures. I have been picking her brain (Melli's) about changing my blog!! Maybe I can do some different things now!!
WHAT A DAY for Flip Flop Floozie!! I have had a great day!! One that I will not forget for a LONG LONG TIME...Thanks to Daisy she made it all happen!! Thanks Daisy!! You are a great friend!!


on the Rock said...

This is all so cool!

Melli said...

Ohhhhhhh GRAND!!! Yes, we DID have fun! And ALLLLLLL you ladies are just the sweetestest folks EVER! I had the best time ... and well hey! We're gonna have MORE fun today! Right????

celebrating life and family said...

I like your new picture on your blog Looks like you all are having a lot of fun. Enjoy your time together!!!! Love ya! Julie

Jane said...

The axe was a touch of GENIUS!!!! I am telling you, the more I read, the more jealous I become. But I am SO glad you all had such a good time.

Susan said...

I love it!! I'm so glad you all had fun. I wish I could have been there, too (but I have said that 100 times)! Look at you playing with your fun. Have a great rest of your visit. Bless you!!

YellowRose said...

What a wonderful time you all have had!!!! That Daisy is something else isn't she? I love the Axe!! hee hee I am soooooo jealous!!!

Have fun with the rest of your visit!

PJ said...

I came from Melli's blog to hear the rest of the
I met her when she was in Texas on vacation. Getting to meet online friends is so fun!

Anonymous said...

looks to me like you gals were all having a good time and imagine someone pushing someone in a cart, oh my what will you bloggers think of next. Just glad you all had fun but sorry that flip flop is not feeling well and suffering with a cold, no fun at all. Get home and go to bed and rest, you probably neen it. You need your mother there to help you. Love Mother