Sunday, November 05, 2006

The time comes when all of the fun and laughter had to come to an END!! Today was that day!! We had to say GOODBYE to each other this morning!! I knew I was not going to like this day!! Daisy, Melli and myself had laughed and done so many fun things and tried to squeeze so many, many things into just a few precious hours.
I did not get to blog yesterday about our trip into Staunton. I know that Melli had a nice article this morning but she left out a lot of the fun that we had. Some of it I know she does not want to share with the whole internet world. I will keep that between just us three Melli...I PROMISE!! smile!! What fun we had.
Daisy took us to see the sights in Staunton. It is an older town where Woodrow Wilson lived and also the Statler Brothers hail from. We took a lot of pictures there. We went into the quaint shops and had fun taking pictures!! We found one shop that had retro clothes and I ended up buying an old black 40's hat that I just love!! It reminded me of my grandmother Mom for some reason.
We found a park that Daisy was looking forbut could not find.... just really by accident. It had GREAT big items that were made out of iron so of course that made for good climbing by....well you know who...MELLI!! She loves being ABLE to climb!!
We stayed there and "played" while taking pictures and having a great time!! Then we had to figure out how to find the road back to Walmart. We had to pick up groceries for supper. Melli had offered to fix our supper that night!! What fun we had at Walmart!! I have NEVER laughed so much at Walmart and probably never will again!! I think most people thought that those three ladies were on SOMETHING!! Maybe they wanted some of whatever we were on...but as most of you know me for sure...I am never on anything much stronger than coffee or green
tea!! We laughed all the way through buying groceries and even after we got home!!
Melli made a great dish and we all had a great meal!! My hubby arrived just in time to eat. He had driven for about 10 hours!!
I was sure glad to see HIM!!
After supper Melli got to pick up her amount of dollars later!! The men finally could not stand it anymore and went to bed!! We ladies talked and talked knowing that our time together was almost up!! I could only make it till midnight!! Melli and Daisy decided to talk till 3:00AM!!!...I am just too old for that anymore..PLUS I have caught a terrible cold and feel like an old rug!! I bet both Daisy and Melli had good naps at their own homes this afternoon!! They deserved it!!
Now hubby and I are getting close to home!! We have stopped for the night and hope to make it back to our home ( or what Daisy would say...THE NEST) by noon tomorrow then I think I am going to crash!!
I would not trade these days that I have had meeting my internet blogging friends for anything!! I have had great fun and precious memories!! Thanks everyone for making Flip Flop Floozie's Great Memories!!!


Susan said...

What great memories you have made over these last few days!! Praying blessings on you as you travel back home. I know you three ladies have blessed me across the miles as I have read about your adventures together. How fun!!

Barbara said...

You guys should do this more often!

Lazy Daisy said...

You are so cute! Hope you both start feeling better. I'm still smiling and giggling. Thanks so much for coming...I'll be warm in some rich memories all winter long. You are all prayed up.

LadyBugCrossing said...

Hi Momma Flip Flop!! They all think I should be yours!! LOL!!!
It sounds like you had a wonderful time, but you are ready to be home.
Have a safe trip!

Glo said...

I have so enjoyed your trip. Made me feel like I was on it with you. Thank You for all of th pics.
The Army wife's I 've meet this year are planning to meet in the Spring.
Our prayers are with you. Have a safe trip home.

Jane said...

I hope you will feel better after you get home and put on your jammies and curl up in your own bed!!
You made some wonderful memories....God is so good to us.

Anonymous said...

I loved this pic of you in the old hat, you remind me of my mother your gma. She loved hats too and I for one do not like to wear hats at all. You look good in it and think you should wear them more often. Love you and miss you. Your Loving Mother.