Thursday, November 02, 2006


Welcome to SANDY'S ADVENTURES...PART UNO!! I finally made it to VIRGINIA to see where my friend Lazy Daisy lives with Mr. Wonderful!! She started me in blogging over a year ago now!!

I have been trying to get to her home for over 3 years and finally...yeap finally I have made it!! We arrived yesterday around 1:30 after driving and driving and driving!! She lives a long way from Georgia!!

My darling husband drove me all the way here and then jumped back in the car and drove on up to Indiana to help his brother put in his kitchen. That poor guy...he has developed a bad cold but back in the car he went with a stuffed up nose and well you know just a very bad head cold!! I HATE those things!!

He called about 2:00 AM...YES AM to let me know he finally made it to Indiana from Virginia. It took him about 10 hours driving time!! He had already driven some 6 hours just trying to get me to Lazy Daisy's home!! GREAT HUBBY!! BUT you already know that!!

We got up this morning and I was trying to get myself looking some decent. I had just "laundered my hair" I had it all wrapped up in a towel when another fellow blogger and neighbor to Lazy Daisy walks in the door!! Oh...sure what a way to meet someone for the first time! Beckie from "Child of God" came to take us out for the day. I told her I could look least I would try!! Daisy and I got ready (we had been talking way too much) and out the door to take pictures (of which I am posting for your viewing enjoyment--hopefully)!!! smile!!

Beckie has lived in this area her whole life. It is just gorgeous here! God's country for sure!! The leaves have mostly all turned but some of the Blue Ridge Mountains still have some beautiful oranges, reds and yellows still bursting with color!! I am in awe..Just ask the girls!!

Beckie took us to some quaint little shops. I got a GREAT cup of spiced Chai Tea!! Yummy!! I loved that!! We took pictures (not me, not with MY camera because my battery went down...GRRRRR)!!! I am using Daisy's pictures since I would have taken the same ones. We looked for pictures of windows for the Saturday Scavenger hunt!! What fun to have others play the same Saturday game with you!! We went to a Farmers Market that was to die for!! I found a flip flop keychain and just had to have it YOU KNOW!!

We stopped and took pictures of everything !! These ladies are just a ball...Just wait until tomorrow when we meet with Melli from Insanity prevails and Lady Bug from Lady Bug Crossing!! What a BLAST we are going to have!! I am sure you will hear the laughing wherever you live and like my hubby likes to say...collecting eggs from all the giggling should be a blast too!! smile!!

I have had the grandest adventures today. I have so Many, Many pictures that I could share with you but I am sure that Blogger would get all "blogged" down and not like me. I am sharing the ones I think that you would like!! Let me know what you think!!

I will let you know how tomorrow turns out!! I think all 5 of us are ALL really excited. I know I can hardly wait!! I never thought that I would get to meet so many bloggers all in one luncheon!! WOW!! WHAT FUN!! Blogland is such a great place to be in!! Take care and have a great Thursday night!!



Mrs Lifecruiser said...

That is looking wayyyy too goood ;-)

I'm sure you're going to have a blast, all of you!!!

..and the surroundings will echoe of the laughs for long after...

Melli said...

DARN right I'm excited! I can't even go to sleep tonight I'm so darned excited! I'll probly be a ZOMBIE tomorrow! And what I think is ... I think that picture of you and Lazy Daisy with the pumpkin cart is just TOO adorable! I just can not WAIT to give you both a GREAT BIG OL' Bear HUG! Seeeeeeeeya in Winchester sweety!!!

Susan said...

It sounds like you had a GREAT day today!! You know I am a bit "green" reading this...but wish you all a wonderful time! Can't wait to see the pics tomorrow. These are GREAT go charge that camera!!

:-) Susan

Lee-ann said...

Hello to you I am so pleased you posted a comment on my blog as I keep loosing my friends and have to hunt my old posts to find you all again...........I am not blonde but just cannot get all my dear friends on my sidebar it is such a pain.

Your adventure visiting blogger freinds is just wonderful and I see by the photos you are having a wonderful time.

I promise to get back and take lots more looks at the trip you are on and I hope you stay safe and have lots of laughs and fun with these great ladies.

Until next time your Aussie friend. LEE-ANN

LadyBugCrossing said...

See you in a few hours, my friend!!!

celebrating life and family said...

Great pictures!!! Looks like you all are having fun already. Go to my blog mom and you will see what we are dealing with with the schools. Fun:P Have a great time.

Wystful1 said...

Have so much fun y'all!!!

Color me green with envy!!!

Love the pics!!

YellowRose said...

Looks like you are having a great time!!! I am so jealous! Really I am!!

Have fun and keep us posted on all the happenings!