Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday, November 6th, 2006

Flip Flop Floozie & Hubby are Back Home.....

Today was an easy drive since most of it I spent asleep!! I have felt just rotten yesterday and now today!! I have caught a VERY bad cold!! I thought I was getting better but the last two days made me realize that I was definitely WRONG!! All I seem to want to do is to sleep!! I feel like my head is about to blow off!! Once we left all of those beautiful states and got into our own Georgia we were both happy to be back home. We had a great trip but HOME is always the best place to be.
Hubby went right back to work. Seems like he just stepped right in the door, suitcases in hand and jumped right into the work mode!! I am just not that kind of person!! I need down time but today my body was not in the mood for anything else except sleep. Any of you that know me know that I love sleep anyway!!
After hubby left I got my pillow and blanket and I slept for hours along with our cat, Simon. Let's put it this was light outside when I laid down and very dark when I woke up!! OOPS!! I am really sick when I do that!!
Hubby was already home. He is such a kind man and did not ask for anything to eat but I fixed up a pile of pancakes and we devoured them!!!
Today is our oldest son's 42nd birthday!! I think I probably feel better today than I did those 42 years ago!! I had quite a time having him that day! He was a C-section. Back then they called in 4 doctors. We lived in a very small town. I imagine they were all backing each other up. He was born just fine at 7 lbs. 3 ounces. Now he is around 6 ft. 3 inches tall and unlike his mom is as thin as can be. Does not take after me but does look like me...course I don't have a goatee or a mustache!! Smile!! He has turned into a fine young man!!
I hope everyone has had a great Monday!! We here are just glad to be at home...safely too!!



Melli said...

I'M glad you got home safely too! I'm sO sorry you're that much sicker... it's probably all my fault - dragging you around in the cold to have all that FUN! Oh ... you really need to stop by my blog and SEE how much fun I put up TODAY! ROFL! And then... well... you'll just want to go crawl right back under those blankets! (probly forever...) hehehehe....

on the Rock said...

We love home too so much that sometimes we stay home for our vacations!

Glad you got some much needed rest from your getaway!