Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I know this picture is too dark, but I do not have the nice software that a lot of you out there have!! I would like to ask SANTA CLAUS for some this coming Christmas but I am not sure if I have been a good enough girl this year or not!! So we will see about that first.

Today is our 2nd granddaughter's 15th birthday ALREADY!! This is one of her baby pictures!! She has turned into a lovely young woman!! We do not get to see her very often but when we do it is a BIG TREAT!! We are so fortunate to have 5 granddaughters and 2 grandsons. How blessed my hubby and I are!!

Emily is very smart just like her sisters and her brother. She is a freshman or should I say she is in 9th grade.( I have no idea how they say these things any more) She is very pretty and has to fend off the boys!! I never had that problem. I just waited for my hubby to come along!!

She and her family will be here soon for Thanksgiving.

Here is a more up to date picture of her. She will probably kill me for using this one, but it shows her pretty blue eyes. She has gorgeous blue eyes like her aunt!! She grabbed my camera from me and took a picture of herself!!

We have great grandkids of course!! It is so hard to raise kids in this time!! I have to give my two daughters a lot of credit for raising great children. It was hard when I raised my son and two daughters but now it is getting harder. Now they are scared to go to school for fear of what might be there to harm them. What a mess our country is in. I never thought it would get like this but it has!!

Happy Birthday to you Miss Emily and many, many, more!! I hope that you day was FUN!! Fifteen is a Wonderful AGE whether you think so or NOT...One day you will look back and remember being fifteen...I know that I do!! Have fun..Life is so SHORT!! Live it to its fullest!!



Susan said...

A big, big HAPPY birthday to your beautiful Granddaughter!!! :-) Great pictures...even if she doesn't like it!

Melli said...

Ohhhhh she IS beautiful! Gorgeous as a matter of fact! And yes - those eyes are amazing! Happy HAPPY Birthday Emily! I hope you get ALLLLL your wishes today!