Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday afternoon already...............(we might afford this one..chuckle chuckle)

We are just back from LOOKING and LOOKING and LOOKING this afternoon!! We found one double wide that we both really, really liked. Our daughter and her kids even came and looked at it. We could have lived there just fine. Some work would have to be done here and there. There is a nice big round pool that would be great for my aching bones, nice woods in the you say what is wrong...Well first place we have a house to fix up and then sell...second place it is just way too far away from everyone that I feel comfortable with and I would be very LONELY!!

I am a very friendly kind of soul and I just NEED friends..Just go ask Lazy Daisy and she will confirm!!

I think we are going to have to turn this one down for now. I would find myself doing a lot of driving but the taxes and several other things would be a LOT CHEAPER!!

I need to pray more. I want God to be in this move just like HE was in our last move!! I have found that if God is not in it you WILL NOT BE HAPPY!!

Now I have to call the lady and tell her. She was so nice and I just fell for her little granddaughter!! You know me...little girls...we get along so well...

If it was just closer....but it isn't... so we are back to looking once again.

Hubbies do not understand I think sometimes about how women have to have their little stack of friends, places that they go, Walmart, their church, their beauty shop, you know those special places around them...I get lost when I get out of my comfort zone!! It sounds crazy to my guy...I know that it must. I think it is like when we go shopping at a mall. He just wants to get it "over with". Well, it does not work like that with me....

It is thinking about raining here. I hear thunder in the distance...Maybe some rain will appear!! Might help this heat at least for a bit.

Think I will take off for the downstairs and slip a movie into the DVD!! Hope everyone's Sunday is going smoothly, peacefully and quietly!!

OH, one more thing!! I tried on a size 16 petite pants and they fit me!! just to let you know. I am still coming down...YES!! Just makes me feel good anyway..



LadyBugCrossing said...

Guys just don't understand why girls need girlfriends. It's hard to move and leave it all behind - although, I never seem to have too much trouble doing just that (must be all the moves we did as kids...)

You'll find the right place at the right time. Don't rush. Let God. Someday I'll tell you about our move to here. We had 2 days to find a house. We did. We were definitely led here.


MugwumpMom said...

You're so right about needing to be near our friends, churchs etc. Seems like hubby is content with "us 4 and no more" while I need my sis, cousins, friends, mom, etc..
Congratulations on the smaller size pant. I'm loosing as well, and went from a 18 to a 14 since Jan...feels so good doesn't it!! You should feel proud about that.
Hope you enjoyed your movie

Lee-ann said...

I always enjoy your chats when I drop into your blog and yes you are right we girls love to spend time within the grace of others just like us!

We have a family gathering each year and it is girls only! from our great grandmother when she was alive down to the newest babe! and it was a weekend of tears, laughter, food, chats, music and advice. they are so much fun.

Husbands don't need any of this my hubby is happy to have his lodge his garden, church and work! & family :o)

see you again soon, best wishes

Jon Cox said...

Great post! I really hope you find a place where you won't be lonely.

Lazy Daisy said...

Yes, I can testify that you are a social butterfly and would die of loneliness. The perfect place for you is still out there. It just might not be the right timing yet. Love ya

Melli said...

YAY for the 16's! :) I agree with you... you pray! God will lead you to that perfect home for you!

Wystful1 said...

Awesome about the size!!! Great progress!!!

And about the double wide....yep, I'd agree about having to be more convenient to all! I do like the idea of being surrounded by the woods....but who knows if the area would develop and what would be there in a few years too, ya know?

Me?---I'm always visualizing what may lie ahead when it comes to home buying and the area.

Location, location, location.

You'll find one. And God will be with you!!!!

Maggie Ann said...

Yes, I agree, the small pleasures of life often overshadow the big pleasures. Familiar shops, friends...all add up to contentment. I am happy with you that your weight is coming down..I'm working on that too by not eating after 7 or 8pm at night,depending on what time we have supper. Its going really well. I have a glass of soymilk in the evening and any amount of iced coffee..oh what a good feeling to be in control, isn't it! Thank you Lord!

Saija said...

we are 8 months into the looking for a house ... the market here is very slow (cottage country) that things get snapped up quickly ... though so far - there isn't anything we've wanted to snap up! hope you find something quickly!