Sunday, July 16, 2006


This is a picture of 4 generations....left to right is my grandmother Griffin (MOM); my mother; My great grandmother Trinkle; Me in the front looking down and my little brother not liking the sun very well!! I would say that this picture was taken around 1950 judging by my age and Ron's too!! It was taken in Newman, Illinois beside my grandmother (Mom's) house.

I was looking for something to remember for Monday Memories and found this little picture. I wish that I could remember that day. You would be surprised how much I CAN remember at that age. It sometimes blows me away at some of the things that I CAN really remember from such a young age.

Both my grandmother and my great grandmother are of course gone now. I miss them both. My great grandmother Trinkle was the best Christian person that I believe I have ever known. She was always trying to get me to be a Christian (now that I understand what she was doing). I wish that I had understood then. But God knew it was all going to work out anyway. She was quite the prayer warrior and is still probably praying for all of us.

Mom never wanted me (so my mother tells me) but I ended up being VERY spoiled by her. She and my mother were very close. I was with her a lot. I lived with her sometimes more than I did my parents. When she died it was very hard for both my mother and myself. It took both of us a long time to even accept that she was really gone. It took me years to really know that she was not going to just walk in the door. Funny how we humans are like that even though we really know but just cannot accept it...

These are great memories though. Ron is now all grown up and almost 58 I think!! I hope I have that right!! Sometimes I think he should still be very small with almost white blond hair (he hardly has any hair anymore) smile!!!

As for me, well you all know I am not that small anymore...heavens knows that I am trying so hard to lose this weight. I have lost in height though without even trying!! Thanks to old age!! I do not look like that anymore but sometimes I think I still feel that way!! smile!!

Thanks for letting me share with ya' all today!! Can't wait to read everyone else's fond memories.....

flip flop floozie


LadyBugCrossing said...

I love those old pictures. They are always so neat! Thanks for sharing a little bit of you with all of us.

Melli said...

This is GRAND! I only have very vague memories of my grandmother -- she was a sickly type and didn't have much to do with me. (I remember my Grandpa though just fine!) I never met my father's parents... ever, so no memories of them. And never met any great gp's... you are very fortunate to have had so much extended family AND to have been close to them!

I think people who grow up amongst the generations have a mucher greater knowledge of "self" than those of us who barely knew those outside our immediate family. I have floundered for years trying to figure out who the heck I am and where I came from! You seem to know EXACTLY who you are... I think there's a definate connection. :)

Great memories!

Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, I'm impressed. Loved the picture. Love the author of the post too! Hope your Monday is going well. Grrrl finally let me shout out my Diva status!

Wystful1 said...

Oh my I love the pic! I have some tin-types of my relatives from way back....they all look like mafia/crooks!! LOL ---

Lovely, lovely pic, and awesome memory!

I can remember those days in my childhood too. And how our grandmothers doted on was a great time back then! And I am like, finding myself with such wonderful memories.


And I thank you for dropping by (as I added a comment from your comment below on my blog)---it's a fantastic discussion we've got going!!!

Hugs dear friend.
Happy Monday

Beckie said...

Ah, those old sepia-toned pictures! Great family shot. Don't get very many with four generations. I missed my opportunity to get one of Sandy and that four generations! Thanks for visiting.
Have a super Monday!

MugwumpMom said...

Thank God for praying grandmother's!! My mother's grandmother was a believer and she was also a prayer warrior. Wonderful legacy, that picture is. Thanks for sharing your memories.

Maggie Ann said...

Those are precious memories.. and aren't the pictures from way back when special...fraught with nostaglia that we love and cherish!

Anonymous said...

That's a great pic! I lost all my grandparents in highschool. One right after another, year after year until they were all gone. I went to my paternal set of grandparnets every weekend, and I hope we can eventually move closer to my family, so my children can do the same. This was a great Monday Memory!

kaliblue said...

Aw, I just love reading wonderful stories like this, growing up and seeing the pics too. Thanks for sharing them :-).
Have A Great Day!!

Saija said...

love the memories! :o)
i still picture my kid brother as a youngster - doesn't matter that he'll be 50 on his next birthday! that's just the way big sisters view the world! :o)

Anonymous said...

I remember that day too, but not sure of the date on it, had to be in the 50's as Ron is pretty small. He was probably hiding behind my dress tail, as you remember he would never go to town with his Dad because I was staying home. He is not that way today, he is very good to us and worries about us a lot. thanks for sharing. Mother

Susan said...

It's great that you are able to expound on this old picture. I have so many old pictures from my family and I am afraid that I won't know who they are!!!! I am trying to get things recorded as quickly as possible...likewise I am trying to record our pictures for my kids so there are no guesses someday.

How nice that you have such neat memories of your Grandmother. I still have times when I think my Grandfather will "show up" at our family's hard.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment!! Glad you'll be back by!!


Wystful1 said...

That book you mentioned for me?---I made a point of writing it down and will try to find it.

In fact, I went out to amazon and read the synopsises of several of her books, and the all show that they would be good reads!!!

I love to read.

My most recent is Anne Rice's Jesus Christ---a first person (really something out of the ordinary for Anne Rice tho)...of Jesus as a child and his life. I've only just begun reading it, but it may be pretty good, it's holding my interest so far. :o)

Thanks bunches for the heads up on the book. I will make a special effort to find it here in Corpus.

Lee-ann said...

Well this post is just great flip flop floozie for two reasons :o)

the first being I loved so much your story and the beautiful picture and I know how important family is to us all.

the second reason is I did a post very similar just last night and when I dropped into yours I nearly went snap! :o)

we have a lot in our lives very similar.

best wishes to you.