Saturday, July 15, 2006



One of the nice things about this weekend for me is that my husband finally gets to stay at home!! He works really hard throughout the week and usually on Saturday too. But for some wonderful reason he is at home today!!

We slept in a little this morning. For him it is really sleeping in. We went to Cracker Barrel for a big bowl of his favorite oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar. We love going there as over the few years that we have lived here we have made a friend of one of the servers. She has taken on a new job and is not out front anymore. We were just asking about her this morning and she walked up!! She gives my hubby a hard time but he loves it and gives it right back!! He always comes back with something even worse than what she puts out. I just sit there and wonder what pleasure they get out of all of this silly battering back and forth. My hubby loves doing stuff like that...even to unsuspecting strangers. Sometimes I think I just might walk off and forget just WHO he is!! smile!!

We went looking at modular homes today. We have to be making a decisions one of these days soon. One that I am not too happy about making. We are going to have to be selling our home and looking for some place to live that we are going to be able to afford with my hubby working less and less!! Maybe one of you live in a modular home or something like it. If so let me know all about it..the pros and of course the cons. We have to look for land...this is not fun!!

I hate moving. I love where I live (except for the 14 steps that I have to go up and down all of the poor knees)!!! I love my neighbors!! I love this area!! I DO NOT want to move...but this getting old stuff and knowing the money is not going to be flowing in is going to be a reality in our near future!! Reality!! Man I am not too happy with that word either!!

I am so happy to have a home!! I love just knowing that the house payment "has been paid" and knowing that the next month's hopefully will be paid also!! You know all of my life it has been that way and now that word "REALITY" is coming into our vocabulary and the future without a paycheck and without knowing somethings is about to hit us and soon!!

Sorry but guess I had to vent. I just want to be near family, in a home with some of my "stuff" and not far from my church and friends. Now is that a WHOLE lot to ask? I hope not!!

Well, sorry about venting but I thought that blogging sometimes is for that. I am supposed to feel better...right? Prayer is the only way!! I am doing that also...just had to get it down in words I guess.

Have a great weekend....flip flop floozie


Lazy Daisy said...

Sorry your weekend isn't going well. Hope you kicked those headaches far away from you. I love your little flip flops at the end of your post.

Look how clever you're getting. Love it babe. I spent my day at an antique steam tractor show. Woo Hoo!

Maggie Ann said...

I know of someone who moved into a modular home and she is thrilled with it. All one level will be nice. I understand how reluctant you will be to move though. So would I. I just went through most of the rooms here tidying up...boy did they need it. Some magazine pics look so homey with books scattered all around. Not our place. If to much is out of place it looks a Its almost 90 degrees in here, time to find a fan. Our ac broke again...our repairman is really nice but he keeps giving it these 'little' fix's & hopes this will do it...again. That was nice that you can related to my elation over getting those shelves up above my crafting table. Yes, I'd enjoy seeing a picture of your crafting area when you get around to it. My hubby said, oh you don't want have enought on the wall already. boy, am I glad I kept bringing it up. It only took him 15 minutes to put the brackets up. Men, who can fathom the way thier mind works....but don't we love'm!!

Wystful1 said...

Well, in the case of modular vs. a 'solid' on the ground built home, I'd opt for the on a foundation home!! Is it possible you could look into a smaller, less expensive home? To me a modular home is nothing but a glorified trailer. Now if it's possible you could find a modular and be able to put it onto a solid foundation, then yes, not bad. And the ones I've seen these days are absolutely gorgeous!!! And quite homey.

When my hubby retired we went from a 5 bedroom tri level of 3600 square feet to a 3 bedroom 2000 square foot in Tucson....then, after deciding to go to Texas we even found a smaller 1650 square foot home.

Property taxes are smaller because of it's value. And I'm sure there are tax breaks with a modular.

Good luck in your decisions, it's hard---that I know. Been there done that upon retirement.

MugwumpMom said...

Hmmm, wish I could help with the modular vrs regular home...modular homes aren't big in Canada...they'd never withstand a Canadian winter. What about a townhouse or condo, especially one in a gated community geared towards to adults?? Some of those patio homes in condo developments are gorgeous and they're all the rage here as they are more affordable than houses. I'm sure it'll all work out but can appreciate that change like this can be very hard.

Melli said...

Hmmm... my brother-in-law just put a modular home on his farm in Pennsylvania -- and honestly, you can't even TELL it's a modular home! It's gorgeous! Big wrap around porch and screened in sun room! I WISH my house looked as nice! But my only worry with a modular is the area where you live... do you get a lot of hurricanes? I'm just not sure if they are as structurally sound as stick built... But heck... talk to the builder! They MIGHT be MORE structurally sound being built in a factory with all the latest state-of-the-art tools and materials... But as far as LOOKS go - they're wunnerful wunnerful!

I'm so sOrry though that you guys have to be making this decision... I know it's a hard one. And I don't blame you a bit not wanting to move and leave friends and church and all... How long have you been where you are?

Of course... there is an upside to this! If you buy something brand new THINK how CLEAN your house will be!!! ;)

Saija said...

awww, i'm sorry you have to move when you don't want too ... we were 14 years in our home, when we sold it early this year ... unfortunately we couldn't find a place to buy and we've been renting for 6 months now ... i search the internet, real estate mags and ask everyone i meet ... but there just aren't many homes up for sale here in our little town ... i'm thankful for the rental, but i would like to have a place of our own soon ... i guess the Lord is just teaching me patience and to "wait" ... soooo i do know what you are talking about!

blessings on your search ...

Melli said...

Oh Flip Flop! You had stilts? We never did! We used to tie empty tin cans onto our shoes and walk on them though! We called them our stilts -- but they only put us ... what... 6" off the ground! We had fun with those though too! You should blog them!!! :)

LadyBugCrossing said...

You'll find something. Don't worry.

Friends of ours put up a modular home - they did the 3 bedroom ranch. It is really quite nice. If they want to expand, they simply unfold the roof and drop the second floor on.

The county was very sticky with extra hurricane ties and such. Make sure that your builder does all that stuff when the house arrives so they don't forget it. It will delay your occupancy permit.

Best of luck to you.