Friday, July 14, 2006


It is Friday already....Time just seems to fly by anymore doesn't it!! I went to bed with yet another slight headache. This makes two nights in a row!! Ugh! I took something for it. I knew that I would be sleepy this morning so that made it very hard for me getting out of bed. Once I finally got up my headache was gone. Thank the good Lord for that!!

I got up and tried to keep moving. I hate it when I oversleep because I feel like I have wasted good time.

I decided since my hair appointment was at 10:00 that I would go to Curves around 9:00 and then just keep going on to my hair appt. But the electricity hadother ideas!!

I was all ready to go so bounded down the stairs rounded the corner. Just as I put my finger on the garage door opener the electricity decided to go out...just at that PRECISE moment!! I stood there thinking, "how am I going to get this car out now?" I knew that my hubby had said something about that red thingy that hangs down above the car on the garage door. Like the great "figure outer" that I am I sauntered over there and gave it a jank!! Nothing happened. I decided that I had not given it a good "manly jerk" so I pulled really hard this time. It popped!! At first I thought, " you have broken this and you are in BIG trouble". But then I figured it out. Just grab the handle of the garage door and lift it up!! Easy enough!! I have never been at all mechanically..never and at my age I am not about to begin!! But this time it worked!!

With that little fiasco I lost about 10 minutes playing around...10 minutes that I did not have to lose!!

Finally back in the car and I fly away to CURVES. I only got to go about 2 times around and then had to stretch and run to my hair appt. I got everything done and am now back home in about an hour and a half.

That has so far been my morning. I hope the rest of the day goes some better. I hope yours is going even better!!

Our cat Lucy is happily playing outside with anything that moves. We have a good wind today which is unusual for here. The sun is of course shining like always. My flowers are watered for today. I need to start my new bible study. My friend and I are starting the new Beth Moore study, "Daniel". She and I will be getting together every Friday starting this next Friday. I can hardly wait. I have missed bible study so much.

Everyone take care and have a fun- filled, family- filled and as always God-filled weekend!!



Anonymous said...

I really need to get back to curves! I haven't been there in about 2 months!!! What a waste of money...if I'm paying I should be going...someone needs to give me a swift kick in the rear!

Melli said...

*kicks the flip flop mamma swiftly in the rear!* Get goin'!

That oughta get HER taken care of! Sounds like YOU had quite a day! I hate when my day starts like that... it makes ya wonder what the rest of it is gonna be like! I hope the rest of yours went better than THAT! :)

Now, regarding your TT -- Have you read The Mitford Series by Jan Karon? They are the MOST wonderful, sweetest verrrrrrrry Christian books about a Father Tim... and his little parish, and a few books into it he finds a wife and she's LOVELY... and they are just the greatest books EVER! I do swear it... if you haven't read them, ya GOTTA! And IN order! Look 'em up! Amazon has 'em... and so does the local library!

Flossy said...

I sure hope the rest of your day was less rushed :)

I hate oversleeping too, it DOES seem like you've wasted half the day!

Hope you are having a great weekend...

Peggy said...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Maggie Ann said...

I would have been so panicked as to how to get the car out of the garage. What a bad start to the