Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thirteen Things about FLIP FLOP FLOOZIE

1…. Strong spicey smells such as Indian food!

2. The over whelming smell of stacks of tires. I can almost
vomit when I am around them.
3. Cat urine and trying to find it and then how to get it up!!
4. Body odor when people refuse to wear good
excuse there, if you ask me!!
5. Dirty houses that need someone to just love them a little
and do some deep cleaning on them once in a while.
6. I would hate to be one of those garbage men
on those big trucks!! WHEW
7. Bad Breath from people who do not brush their teeth!! Certs
8. Burnt toast...UGH!!
9. The old oiled roads...that used to be a very bad smell when I was
10. The I have to elaborate there????
11. Our outhouse that I had to use for 18 years of my life along with
the snakes and the wasps!!
12. Living on the farm and being close to a PIG FARM!! Yeap, nothing like
the smells that a PIG farm can bring!!
13. If you are still with me....and I am sure you are NOT..Like Lazy Daisy said.
remind me not to read your blog!! Bad title!!

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WendyWings said...

Ugh you had to mention the cat urine didn't you lol.I just had to refrain from killing my cat because it was raining and his majesty decided the laundry was a good place to go.Yuck.

Pat J said...

Pig farms have some of the worst smells. And the oiled roads -- I remember those from the trailer court in my home town.

I've got 13 things that make me smile up over at my site.

K T Cat said...

I like to cook, so #1 is good with me. I'll just have to remember to invite you over when we're grilling instead!

My TT are up.

Lazy Daisy said...

Love the Mr. Yuck! See...I read it!

Melli said...

Well, I'm not playing ... but I did read all the way to 13! LOL! I have to agree with most of those smells -- especially the cat urine! UGH! And don't worry ...I'm not giving up! I'm WAY more dedicated than THAT! LOL! I know it will kick back in ... in good time! ;)

FatedHearts said...

I cant stand those smells either, the bad breath, body odor, garbage and especially the pig farm or any farm urghhh.....i have an indian neighbour and there's always strange smells coming from them and it's just urghh.....too strong for my nose!

Happy T13. mine is posted.

Wystful1 said...

Good Afternoon!! Burning tires is the worst!! And....ummm, this shows my age, but I do remember the oiled roads too.

My T 13 is posted.

YellowRose said...

Those are some gross smells you got there! I have to admit I hate the smell of burning tires....that one just makes me sick!

Happy Thursday!

EmilyRoseJewel said...

I agree with most-garbage (especially with chicken in it-that is the worst) cat urine, dirty houses, zoo, etc. Yuck! Really bad smells often make me gag. I will add one to your list-dirty diapers! No fun there! My list is up!

alyceclover said...

Wet newspaper and cat urine or that smell from cats, when they spray make me physially ill. As does kitty litter. I'd rather think of pleasant smells. It would be hard for a lot of people to know there were still people in the 1970's that didn't have indoor plumbing, and pumped water, to be heated on a coal stove for baths. My kids got to experience it at my ex's great Aunt & Uncles. We spent a lot of time there.