Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday, June 16, 2006
Feast Ninety-Eight

What is a word that you use that would not be considered common?
Well, let's see...I use a lot of silly words (so people tell me I do) word that I use a lot is "dealie". I can't remember a word so I just use "dealie" and that takes in everything!!

What theme of calendar do you have on your wall this year?
NO theme this year!! Just a plain one that I downloaded off of a website that I can keep right close to my computer so that I can see what is happening tomorrow. Not much going on this summer so far!!

Name 3 people you speak with by telephone a regular basis.
My daughter most everyday...My husband would be next..I don't really have much of a third person. I am not much of a telephone person.....Now if you had said COMPUTER!!

Main Course
If you could buy a new outfit for someone you know - who would it be and what would you purchase for them?
Never and I mean never buy a new outfit for someone else!! That would be very hard unless you had them RIGHT THERE with you!! With the way clothes are made today that is impossible.

What is the last beverage you drank?
Just now I am eating lunch and so water is my beverage of choice!! Good for you in case you did not know!! smile!!


Wystful1 said...

I so agree with your main course! And your appetizer? ---well, my sister and I used the 'dealie' to tell each other in code about once a month if you know what I mean....but I won't go into it!!

It was great to see you over at my feat!! Happy Friday to you (what's left of it and a great weekend...tell hubby to have a happy Father's Day too!!!)

Wystful1 said...

---oops, FEAST not feat. Good grief!!!

YellowRose said...

I only shop for someone else if I know exactly what they like, so that means it narrows the list down to my hubby, daughter and son! Makes it easy!!

Good Feast, mine is up!

Peggy said...

Have fun with your granddaughter! My oldest grandchild is 12 and she is all girl. She will be down later in the summer. I have 9 grandchildren and sometimes they are all here at once! Have a great week and will be checking in to see how its going!

Maggie Ann said...

What word? hmmm. I don't know. I talk to my hubby daily thanks to cell phones and my son daily too. Buying an outfit for someone..hmmm, I don't know that either. Shopping for others is hard for me. The older I get the more I understand why people give each other money to buy thier own gifts but then you lose the joy part of seeing them open the gift.