Wednesday, June 14, 2006

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON....!! We are a softy breed you know. If you are not grandmothers yet and still just mothers or neither one you still know what I am talking about I bet!!
The kids wanted to come and spend the night with me but first they wanted to go to see the movie, "CARS". If you have been reading my blogs you know that my hubby and I went to see it this past Sunday.
Well being the grandmother that I am I took them "back" to the movies!! First, we had to visit the bank to almost "take out a loan"!!
We arrived at the movies and of course we HAD to stop at the concession stand. I had put a bottle of my green tea in my purse. I cannot drink soda (pop) anymore because of some medication I am on. (good way to save a little money)
Well, we looked at the "menu"...(boy do I use that term loosely!!) For the kids they had a kids combo!! You could get a thing of popcorn, fruit snack and a small drink for almost $5.00. Well at this point we have already spent $17.00 to get in the door!! Now we are spending $10.00 for popcorn for two kids!! Of course I spend the money!! We go in and it is in the BIGGEST movie theatre that we have here!! We are the first people there so we can sit anywhere we want too. We think, "Well, we are having a private showing! We must really be special !!!'
Finally after tons of commercials and previews we get to the movie.
About half way through Garrett has to go to the bathroom. We make a fast run there. Hurry back and have not missed much at all!! WHEW!!
Finally the movie ends with everyone HAPPY and Lightning McQueen learns that he is not the only race car on the block and that he is in love with Sally the Porsche and all ends happily!!
We get out to the car and suddenly both kids need McDonalds!! It is 2:00 in the afternoon!! You would think that grandma did not know just WHY they needed a HAPPY MEAL from McDonalds??? You might not know that since "CARS" has been out that McDonalds is putting them in their happy meals. Being the hip and all knowing grandmother that I am!! I knew off to McDonalds we went to spend yet another $5.00 on two happy meals. We came away with a cheeseburger, chicken McNuggets and two Lightning McQueen cars...but OH we really needed those!!
Just thought you would like to know how we spent our afternoon!! If you are not a grandmother yet but are going to be one soon or just might be thinking about being now...gather money...and learn where things are at!! All of this will come in handy!!!
Just some wise advice from a grandmother of SEVENTEEN years now!!!


Mindy said...

What a great post. I'm a new grandma of only 11 months...but i'm learning quick!!!!! Blessings to you and yours...

Melli said...

I'm not one yet... but ohhhhhh I have been PRAYING to be one for at least 6 years now! Still not even close... but sOmeday... yep, SOMEday... it will happen! YOU are the greatest, Grandma!

Jennifer said...

It sounds wonderful! Your grandchildren will keep these memories forever...can't put a price on those!! (((HUGS)))