Saturday, June 10, 2006


Well, I guess the weatherman was right!! It is close to 100 here!! My temperature gauge in the car said 97!! That is close enough for me!!

Today I woke up with a headache but that was because I had forgotten last night to take my preventative medication so that was entirely MY FAULT!! I had to retreat to my next medication and it took it on its way..thank goodness for good medication!!

At noon I hadbeen invited to a good-bye reception at CURVES !! Our great receptionist and friend, Ashley has decided to follow her husband and move to Arkansas. (wonder why?) She is going to be missed so much by all of us!! We had a great time with food (at CURVES). Everyone has to eat no matter whether they are losing weight or not!! We had a good time visiting with her and meeting her hubby. We all had heard so much about him. It was about time that we got to meet him!! We even had a yummy cheesecake which some of the more rigid members only had a very, very small piece!! I had a half piece but I put chocolate on it!! I figure a "Party" should be a Party!! RIGHT!! I love my CURVES!! This is the first time that I have lost in many, many years now!! So I am very happy about finally losing again!!

I came home got on line and caught up with all of my great blogging friends. I always have to see how everyone is doing from Peggy's chicken to knowing that Lazy Daizy is away with the Queen Mother this weekend!!

This afternoon we are going to a college reception...quickly and then off to church at 4:30 where my hubby and I have our responsibilities. Then we have our church service at 5:00. After that we have been invited to our daughter and son-in-laws for hamburgers on the grill!! "No cooking for me again!! " YES!! The less cooking that I can do the better my life is. That is why I really LOVE this little sign....I need it for my kitchen in the REAL FORM I guess!! If anyone finds it let me know where. I guess I need to order it!!

Everyone have a great weekend and remember to go to the church of your choice this weekend!!!


celebrating life and family said... is only 61 here today and very chilly for June. Guess that is Illinois for ya,huh?

YellowRose said...

It' hot here in Atlanta too!! Staying indoors as much as possible with the A/C!! Glad you are back!!