Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday and still HOT!!
We went today and saw the new movie CARS!! If you like the animated PIXAR movies you will LOVE this one!! It has some very fascinating characters including Lightning McQueen, Sally and of course there is Tow favorite one!! He is a cutie!!

You do not have to be 5 or 8 to love this movie. You can be our age and be happy with it. What I liked was just how far computer generated movies have come. The scenery in this movie is something else!!

Sally and Lightning take a drive and they see a beautiful waterfall and trees. You almost think that it is real!! Then you remember...this is animation in its greatest!! Nothing like it was when we were little and watched Tom and Jerry or the Road Runner running away from the bad coyote!! This is authentic!! It just amazes you!!

My hubby and I had a good time at this movie and recommend it to everyone. I love going to a movie that has a good ending and has a great message in it too!! All of that and popcorn...what more can you ask for!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Even with the heat we are loving just being together!!


Jennifer said...

My Katie went to see it Friday...she really liked it. I need to take the little'uns to see it too! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!! :)

Maggie Ann said...

My son saw this and really gave it high marks too.