Saturday, May 20, 2006


I am still here at my parents home in Illinois. We are on another day of a garage sale trying to sell everything possible from pots and pans down to the smallest thing.
We get up every day to another day of working, working and more working. This is something else!! I am so tired and about 20 years younger than my mother and about 26 years younger than my dad!! I guess that does not say much for myself...but I am POOPED!! We have another WHOLE WEEK of this.

Illinois weather is so unpredicable!! You do not know if it will rain, hail, get cold, get hot, or if like the other night a BIG tornado will go over your home!! We have to pray every night for decent weather!! I pray each night for the Lord to "PLEASE" make the weather good for our sale the next day!!

I have made signs, hung them up, went to the dollar store for more materials to make more signs, more tape, to the grocery and post office for more boxes, taped boxes, filled boxes, went through more stacks of old things, "this was your great grandmother's", "this was my first....." well you know...on and on and on. I have a stack in the front bedroom now that my "darling husband" is bringing his truck all the way 1000 miles to pick up what I am trying to keep from my great grandmother and my grandmother and my mother's things. This is very wearing and very, very tiring. I cannot WAIT for my parents to be finally moved and into the comfort of their new home and be back to the "normal" life that they WILL enjoy once again!!

I hope that everyone is having a great Saturday out there. ENJOY your weekend. I may not be keeping up with TT or Monday Memories like I had planned but I am with ya'll in HEART!!!


LadyBugCrossing said...

Keep your chin up! You are doing the best you can. Soon this will all be a memory that will get funnier over time. Okay, so maybe not. :-)

You are so sweet to help your parents. I know they appreciate your efforts.


Jennifer said...

I hope you're able to take a little time to relax here and there! Try not to wear yourself out!!! (((HUGS)))
Love you! :)