Sunday, May 21, 2006

Seventeen years ago on May17th, 1989 our first grandchild was born!! To me her new grandmother, she was the MOST beautiful child in this whole world!!
Our first grandchild!! I was 44 and so delighted that I was to become a grandmother!! It seemed like I had just been a MOM but oh how quickly those years pass for us. We think at the time that they just will not pass quick enough. That our children will not walk, talk or do those first things quick enough. Then one day they are all grown up and they are having babies!!
Her mother was having the hardest time trying to get her into this world. I was at work when they called me and asked me to get to the hospital. I remember hurrying as quickly as I could. I forgot to eat as I was so excited thinking that I might get to see a baby born.
My children had been born by C-section and so I had not seen a birth!! I was going to be able to see my first birth!! WOW!!
I arrived at the hospital only to discover that my daughter was having a very hard time. This was to turn into about 19 hours of labor.
Finally the doctor arrived and decided that a C-Section was in order for my daughter too. By then the rest of the family had been called in. We all waited and prayed that everything was going to be okay.
Finally we were told that a healthy little baby girl had been born. Our daughter was going to be okay too.
We all were crowding around trying to see our new little one. They took her over to the warming table and she just laid out with her arms and legs spread out in every direction!! She must have hated being in that position for so long and was so happy to be where she could spred out!! smile!!
She has now grown up to be a lovely young woman. I have been so happy to have such a sweet granddaughter.
Her golden birthday was last week on the 17th!! What a nice Monday Memory for an old Grandma like me!!!


YellowRose said...

Lovely memory! I wrote a sentimental one too, about my baby!

Wystful1 said...

What a lovely story and I'm so happy that you got to celebrate 17 years of her life!! Yes, I agree, as a parent, there were times you thought your child was slow at developing then you turn around and they're grown!!!

Beautiful!!! Hugs sent to you.

Lazy Daisy said...
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Lazy Daisy said...

Awww....look at you. Guess who is going to be a grandmother? If you said me give yourself 5 points!